Qalbox: Listen To Your Heart

by Farida Haji & Helmy Sa'at

Hours spent scrolling and wondering what to watch. 

Creating multiple profiles and having parental locks. 

Technology is advancing and so are your concerns. How can you watch relevant content and seek entertainment without feeling guilty?

What Is The World Watching?

How we watch content changed forever when Netflix offered subscribers the option to stream on the internet for the first time in 2007 and became extremely popular by 2013. 

There was a sharp increase in viewership on video streaming platforms in 2020. In fact, service subscriptions surpassed 1 billion worldwide for the first time and video subscriptions reached 1.1 billion. The viewership was so high during the global lockdowns that major streaming platforms had to reduce the video quality to prevent network congestion. 

Trends showcase a preference for a variety of content with a keen interest in the comedy and adventure genres as audiences are overwhelmed with new and old content, regardless of language or country. 

What Do You Wish to Watch?

survery, muslim entertainment, heritage, culture

Multiple surveys revealed the diverse interests of global Muslim Pro users. Some wish for faith-led content such as Islamic documentaries focusing on history and heritage and Quran recitations; while others seek a variety in lifestyle content gravitating towards arts, culture and food under genres of comedy and adventure.  

survery, Muslims, muslim entertainment, Qalbox

A Digital Home For All Things Muslim 

The intake of entertainment and its context is a subjective choice. Qalbox is here to meet your lifestyle infotainment needs. Launching in July 2022, the platform will host video content offering a wide range of multilingual shows and series across multiple genres for the global Muslim community. We are here to share evergreen and new Muslim content, especially for you!

Register your interest today and explore enriching lifestyle video content that awaits you at QALBOX.


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