Salaam, We Are Muslim Pro's People, Legal & Finance Team!

by Muslim Pro
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The ‘Salaam…’ series introduces Muslim Pro team members to our more than 100 million strong audience. Get to know what we do, what we are like and how it is working for the number 1 Muslim app in the world!



What do you actually do in Muslim Pro?


As you can tell by the name, our team is a mix of different, but important, units! The Legal unit reviews any contract or agreement for the various departments; we work to identify any adverse or controversial clauses that may exist within the contracts or agreements. As for Finance, in addition to establishing accounting procedures and controls, we ensure the timely and accurate preparation of financial statements and group consolidation.



Under People, there are two distinct sub-units — Administration and Human Resources. The latter deals with the management of all aspects of human resource policies and procedures, including shaping and promoting corporate values; and above all managing the most valuable business asset that is our employees. Meanwhile, Administration handles tasks relating to office management and provides support to the teams and company on a day-to-day basis.



The most rewarding aspect of the job?


These units might seem disparate at first glance, but akin to cogs in a well-oiled machinery, we work towards a collective goal which is to safeguard and promote the company so that Muslim Pro can position itself as best as possible to achieve its goals in serving Allah and the global ummah by extension. We grow together as a team.



There are always challenges; however, nothing is insurmountable when working as a team. The ability to solve new and exciting problems, interact with other teams of different backgrounds, and get exposed to varying viewpoints and ideas is very meaningful. Above all, seeing that our jobs contribute to making a difference in the lives of individuals globally and have a significant impact on the success of this organisation provides a sense of pride in the work.



Share with us what a typical day at work would be like?


A typical day would be to check if there are any meetings to prepare, and plan the work that sets us up for the day. It is also about maintaining a hybrid workforce which has been the most challenging obstacle during the pandemic, pushing us to constantly adapt to the new normal.



“Every member of the Muslim Pro teams has a specific role to play; no one role is more important than the other.”


Hany Chen
Finance Manager


What movie best depicts the team?


Instead of a movie, we feel ‘Start-Up’, a popular Korean drama, best depicts us. Every member of the team has a specific role to play; no one role is more important than the other. Start-Up reminds us that a team needs everyone to function well for it to fulfil its potential. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, your job matters!



We are always on the hunt for talents to join our company so do check out our Careers page regularly for updates on latest openings at Muslim Pro.