Focus On What’s Really Important: Honoring Yourself And Others

By Muslim Pro

A part of growing up is learning the importance of honoring yourself and others through daily interactions, experiences, and values. Inevitably our collective stories and perceptions differ; but we share commonalities. A significant one being our faith. 

So question yourself, what is really important? 

You are! 

How you carry yourself and treat others does matter. Simple fact: Our thoughts inform our choices and decisions. And, our actions have repercussions in the immediate present and future. Thus, we do not live in silos even if we reside in a physically remote location, as our actions affect not only us but others and the world around us

Before the pandemic, our lifestyles were monotonous and tiresome as we raced to climb the corporate and career ladder. During the pandemic, we went through a variety of uncomfortable situations. For the most part, our lives came to a standstill. Post-pandemic, we are recalibrating our focus on aspects of our existence we had forgotten. Mental wellness and care have surfaced to the forefront, creating room for difficult conversations and reminding us to take care of ourselves.

Through October and November, heal your soul and enjoy content highlighting the different aspects of Islam and varied Muslim lives around the globe. 

Read personal stories of Muslims from various professions. Enrich your life with stories of our Prophets and the ways they honored Allah, themselves, and their fellow Muslims. Tune into Instagram Live and Twitter Spaces to join the conversations discussing issues related to Muslims and the Muslim lifestyle. With The Courtyard, feel at home in a digital space where you can share thoughts and heartfelt messages with Muslim brothers and sisters across borders.

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We invite you to reconnect with yourself and celebrate your roots. Revisit your identity and savor life once again. As we delve deep into human relations and friendships, let’s not forget about our relationship with the natural environment. Another key facet to honor. You will discover blessings and bounties that Allah has bestowed in this life and beyond.

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