The Courtyard By Muslim Pro: Connect And Be Heard

By Muslim Pro

More than 100 million downloads! That is how far the Muslim Pro app has grown and evolved over the past decade.

As we continue to strive to be the digital destination that everyone calls home, the team at Bitsmedia, the makers of the app have expanded the app’s scope beyond providing religious tools, a personalised stream of content and ideas that engage, inspire and support the diverse Muslim community. What we have aimed for and continue to work towards is to emerge as a comprehensive Muslim lifestyle app with the most accurate prayer times, empowering and connecting Muslims worldwide.

A group of young women bonding and laughing.

Guided by a burning passion and purpose – to serve the global Muslim community, we value the diverse Muslim community and are committed to the cause of progressing Muslim life we have helped to establish over these years and shall continue to nurture and grow it. It has been a privilege that we would continue to honour and work on.

Connect And Be Heard

A couple of women talking.

“Our content hub serves as a space that amplifies Muslim voices from all walks of life, offering people the opportunity to talk about their joys, struggles, and triumphs regarding identity, faith, and devotion to The Divine.

“… I greatly believe that social media, when used for good, can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the wider community. Here at Bitsmedia, we have a responsibility to steer online conversations in a positive and constructive direction,” shares Fara Abdullah, Co-CEO at Bitsmedia / Muslim Pro.

An elderly couple spending quality time together.

The importance of community building and bonding is a focal point. Thus, our inaugural live audio session titled “PositiviTEA” on Twitter Spaces where we invited a Muslim revert to share how the community can support reverts during Ramadan, in April of this year.

Another intriguing and revelatory session was with Iman Zawahry, an accomplished hijabi filmmaker, who recently created an award-winning film Americanish, a rom-com based on Muslim lives. The session stemmed from an exclusive watch party playing an episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie, which is presently streaming on Qalbox, followed by an enriching conversations about Muslims and our mediums of storytelling.

From Twitter, Tik Tok to Youtube and Instagram, such live sessions cover a wide range of relevant topics that are of interest to the many cross sections of the global Muslim community.

The Courtyard By Muslim Pro

An exciting new chapter is unfolding. And, Muslim Pro is proud to unveil ‘The Courtyard.’ It is an official, online off-app space for MuslimPro users to interact with the team and with each other.

The Courtyard by Muslim Pro.

At ‘The Courtyard’, we discuss issues related to Muslims and the Muslim lifestyle. Here are a few guidelines we employ when conducting online sessions:

  • Be kind and courteous
  • No promotions or spam
  • Hold space for the views of others – remembering we are a global and diverse community
  • No bullying, name-calling or deragatory remarks
  • No discussions on shariah issues or legal rulings
  • Respect everyone’s privacy
  • All posts will have to be approved by admins

Respect in this space as a community forum for purposeful interaction is paramount. Questions relating to the app should be directed to [email protected], or refer here to get queries answered. Questions relating to Shariah should be directed to your local scholar.

(Psst! Also, do not hesitate to share this with your non-Muslim friends.)