Qalbox: Listen To Your Heart

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Qalbox: Listen To Your Heart

By Muslim Pro

Hours spent scrolling and wondering what to watch. 

Creating multiple profiles and having parental locks. 

Technology is advancing and so are your concerns. How can you watch relevant content and seek entertainment without feeling guilty?

What Is The World Watching?

How we watch content changed forever when Netflix offered subscribers the option to stream on the internet for the first time in 2007 and became extremely popular by 2013. 

There was a sharp increase in viewership on video streaming platforms in 2020. In fact, service subscriptions surpassed 1 billion worldwide for the first time and video subscriptions reached 1.1 billion. The viewership was so high during the global lockdowns that major streaming platforms had to reduce the video quality to prevent network congestion. 

Trends showcase a preference for a variety of content with a keen interest in the comedy and adventure genres as audiences are overwhelmed with new and old content, regardless of language or country. 

What Do You Wish to Watch?

survery, muslim entertainment, heritage, culture

Multiple surveys revealed the diverse interests of global Muslim Pro users. Some wish for faith-led content such as Islamic documentaries focusing on history and heritage and Quran recitations; while others seek a variety in lifestyle content gravitating towards arts, culture and food under genres of comedy and adventure.  

survery, Muslims, muslim entertainment, Qalbox

A Digital Home For All Things Muslim

The intake of entertainment and its context is a subjective choice. Qalbox is here to meet your lifestyle infotainment needs. Launched in July 2022, the platform hosts video content offering a wide range of multilingual shows and series across multiple genres for the global Muslim community. We are here to share evergreen and new Muslim content, especially for you!

New users enjoy a 7-day free trial of Qalbox, which also gives access to the full features of the Muslim Pro app ad-free! Sign up to claim your free trial today! 

Qalbox by Muslim Pro

Qalbox: The Heart of Muslim Entertainment

Qalbox is a global Muslim entertainment streaming service available through the Muslim Pro App, Web, and smart TVs such as Android, Tizen, Samsung, and Apple TV. Qalbox hosts a library of content that celebrates Muslim identities and cultures worldwide and aims to create a global platform for Muslim creativity and filmmakers. Explore Qalbox by Muslim Pro today! 

About The Author

Muslim Pro Team

Comprised of a diverse team of writers, editors, and experts, the Muslim Pro Team is committed to delivering insightful, relevant, and authentic content that resonates with the global Muslim community. With a passion for Islamic spirituality, culture, and modern living, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every article, ensuring that Muslim Pro remains a trusted source for guidance, inspiration, and connection in the digital age. Together, we strive to empower and uplift Muslims worldwide on their journey of faith and personal growth.


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    • Asha

      It is very useful 👍

      • Nasiru Wahab Zanze

        It is very nice and recommendable


    Very interesting and useful that’s what we’re looking for. to stream and experience alot about Islamic views and its contents under the MuslimPro.

    • Antonino

      I just became aware of the qalbox. I have had PRO status for many years and wanted to ask if the qalbox costs me money. Do I have permanent free access or do I only have a test version.

      • Muslim Pro

        Salam Antonio,
        Thank you for getting in touch with us here. We are truly sorry to hear about the issue. In order for us to provide you with full assistance, submit the appropriate request via the following link for us to follow up with you accordingly. We look forward to assist you soon.

  3. farida

    Totally love the line “I am unapologetically Muslim”.

    • The defamed Muslim

      Assalamualaikum…. I am amazed… This is definitely what we need…
      Where I come from . The negativity which they trying to conceal is indirect racism… Yup…. Can’t say more or they will not allow me to HV any money

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    I like what said

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    Alhamdulillah for been a muslim. Islam is beautiful so nice beautiful, Islam is beautiful so nice beautiful

  7. Engineer kozeem

    Very interesting and lovely, may God almighty guide us all

  8. Hamza

    It’s a great step and and will also increase us in knowledge about our deen


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