Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The makers of the Muslim Pro app are elated to introduce Qalbox, an exciting and fresh global video streaming service that celebrates Muslim identities and cultures with specially curated content just for you.

Are you ready to experience and immerse yourself in our world?

Qalbox  – The Heart of Muslim Entertainment

The Logo

Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The design is inspired by the tasbih (a string of Muslim prayer beads) in motion. It represents the Muslim identity and the fastening of global communities for one purpose – to immerse oneself and join others in exploring the nuances and complexities of lived human realities weaved in the beauty of Islam through our shared cultures, history and heritage.

The Qalbox logo essentially encapsulates our intention and purpose to bring together the diverse global Muslim communities and encourage each other to discover and explore our world.

The Colours

103 Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The Qalbox ombré of purple and red are a blend of two elements. Purple is associated with wisdom and spirituality while red symbolises love and passion. Combined, their associated meanings exude the spirit of celebrations of one’s faith and identity.

The Qalbox Philosophy

A still from Secrets of Arabia which is available to stream on Qalbox

Qalb (قلب) in Arabic means Heart.

Qalbox (pronounced Call-Box) is to listen to your heart.

Our heart is the origin of all intentional activities and the cause behind all human actions. The Qalb is where true knowledge and wisdom is received and processed.

Qalbox represents diverse viewpoints that align with the core tenets of Islam which we hold dear. Thus, as a medium it simply provides information through media and entertainment. We are here to celebrate the Muslim life!

Are You Excited?

Get ready to experience the best of new and evergreen global Muslim entertainment. You will enjoy specially curated, comprehensive and diverse content only on Qalbox.

We bring you not just entertainment but infotainment. 

Qalbox is a global subscription video on demand (SVoD) streaming service providing Muslim lifestyle content. Celebrate and experience the diverse global Muslim identities and cultures.

With Qalbox, we are now a digital home for all things Muslim.

Explore Our World.

Qalbox by Muslim Pro

Qalbox: The Heart of Muslim Entertainment

Qalbox is a global Muslim entertainment streaming service available through the Muslim Pro App, Web, and smart TVs such as Android, Tizen, Samsung, and Apple TV. Qalbox hosts a library of content that celebrates Muslim identities and cultures worldwide and aims to create a global platform for Muslim creativity and filmmakers. Explore Qalbox by Muslim Pro today! 

About The Author

Muslim Pro Team

Comprised of a diverse team of writers, editors, and experts, the Muslim Pro Team is committed to delivering insightful, relevant, and authentic content that resonates with the global Muslim community. With a passion for Islamic spirituality, culture, and modern living, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every article, ensuring that Muslim Pro remains a trusted source for guidance, inspiration, and connection in the digital age. Together, we strive to empower and uplift Muslims worldwide on their journey of faith and personal growth.


  1. Muhammad Shahbaz

    Wonderful initiative. Very excited ❤️

    • Nadir A Hussain Agag

      Much awaited for and about Islamic tradition at its finest

      • Kawusu. Jabbie

        I wonderful initiative and very nice.

        • Abdul salam

          Very interested 😊

          • Rokaiyah

            Very excited ❤️

        • Sayara

          Interested to know new things

        • Bashirat Abdulfatai

          Very educating and interesting.

      • Amina Cloe Rizole

        I which to know how can I learn Arabic language. To understand, writing and speak it.

      • Muhammad Khalid

        Alhamdullilah we have that now

      • Mawa


    • Mohammad Ismail

      I very interested & inspiring app

    • Hameed Abdul Al-Quddus

      Very nice. Subhan- Allah !
      May Allah bless your efforts. Ameen 🙏

  2. Abdullahi A A

    Jazakumullah khayran for initiating, create the Muslim pro and introducing this new Qalbox. Bissalam

    • Nishat Ahmed


      We would like our voices/actions heard/seen
      We depict the essence of humanity

      • Amadu Adam Alhaji

        I’m yet to read and experience any of the articles in Qalbox.

    • Omar Diab

      Ma shaa Allah
      So excited…🌹

      • Shaik Samreen

        Mashallah ✨ I’m so excited

  3. Twyebah Domah

    Find it very informative Alhamdulillah

  4. Saba Ibrahim Muhammad

    Ma shaa Allaah

  5. Umar Turaki

    So beautiful families and educative
    Keep it on I am so excited. Thank you once again

    • Mariame Toure

      I’m so excited.

    • Mariame Toure

      I’m so excited. Can’t wait

  6. Kosoewin


  7. Farzana Najeeb

    Very nice Qalbox

    • Taofeek

      very excited, Alhamdulillahi for being a Muslim

  8. Sam

    Assalamoualaikom it’s great Qalbox and good new Muslim pro MashAllah 😍

    • Soumia

      A good initiative . I am from Belgium

  9. Musa

    Good job ❤️👍

    • Zubair

      Good initiative l am awaiting to enjoy soon #j

  10. Mir

    I am not happy the way you all are putting advertisement on Muslim pro.
    I think it is too much it is interfering with azan .and other Islamic information also too many children games on it, they should be limited and not to interfere with what it is
    Started for , most of the time it is frustrating .

  11. Shaikh Salim Ahmed


  12. Samiat Bisiriyu

    I am excited! Thank you Muslim Pro.

  13. Abdul muneam

    Great act to connect muslim heritage with one string.well done muslim pro may allah bless it till the last day

    Im very exicted

  14. Abdulai Zinya

    Wow, Maa Shaa Allah

  15. Hadiza Musa Musa Muhammad

    Alhamdullillah for this initiative move

  16. Amanda Terry /Aaminah Talibdeen

    I’m so excited 😆!!! Alhamdulillah As-Salaamu’Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakatuhu ❤️😎 Can’t Wait To See What Else I’m going to Learn! Bring it on! And Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉🥳!!


      I am excited for this app

  17. Maung Maung Lwin

    Waiting for study more from there

  18. Salisu Bakari


  19. Nasser Ali

    On qalb box you have omar series only 1 season with 6 episodes.

    Where all all the other episodes as I know there are about 30 episodes ?

    • Muslim Pro

      Salam Nasser, the Omar series on Qalbox will be published weekly, with 6 new episodes every Friday. Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes! 🙂


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