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Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The makers of the Muslim Pro app are elated to introduce Qalbox, an exciting and fresh global video streaming service that celebrates Muslim identities and cultures with specially curated content just for you.

Are you ready to experience and immerse yourself in our world?

Qalbox  – The Heart of Muslim Entertainment

The Logo

Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The design is inspired by the tasbih (a string of Muslim prayer beads) in motion. It represents the Muslim identity and the fastening of global communities for one purpose – to immerse oneself and join others in exploring the nuances and complexities of lived human realities weaved in the beauty of Islam through our shared cultures, history and heritage.

The Qalbox logo essentially encapsulates our intention and purpose to bring together the diverse global Muslim communities and encourage each other to discover and explore our world.

The Colours

103 Assalamualaikum from Qalbox

The Qalbox ombré of purple and red are a blend of two elements. Purple is associated with wisdom and spirituality while red symbolises love and passion. Combined, their associated meanings exude the spirit of celebrations of one’s faith and identity.

The Qalbox Philosophy

A still from Secrets of Arabia which is available to stream on Qalbox

Qalb (قلب) in Arabic means Heart.

Qalbox (pronounced Call-Box) is to listen to your heart.

Our heart is the origin of all intentional activities and the cause behind all human actions. The Qalb is where true knowledge and wisdom is received and processed.

Qalbox represents diverse viewpoints that align with the core tenets of Islam which we hold dear. Thus, as a medium it simply provides information through media and entertainment. We are here to celebrate the Muslim life!

Are You Excited?

Get ready to experience the best of new and evergreen global Muslim entertainment. You will enjoy specially curated, comprehensive and diverse content only on Qalbox.

We bring you not just entertainment but infotainment. 

Qalbox is a global subscription video on demand (SVoD) streaming service providing Muslim lifestyle content. Celebrate and experience the diverse global Muslim identities and cultures.

With Qalbox, we are now a digital home for all things Muslim.

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