Ramadan Gift Idea: Give the Gift of Muslim Pro Premium

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, is a time of reflection, prayer, and giving. As we prepare to embark on this sacred journey, it’s a beautiful opportunity to share blessings and enrich the spiritual experiences of our loved ones. This Ramadan, consider giving the gift of Muslim Pro Premium subscription—a thoughtful gesture that will resonate deeply with your friends, colleagues, and clients.

Why Muslim Pro Premium?

Muslim Pro Premium is more than just a subscription—it’s a gateway to a richer, more meaningful spiritual journey. With Muslim Pro Premium, users gain access to an array of exclusive features and content designed to enhance their experience during Ramadan and beyond.

When you give a gift with the intention of promoting the practice of Islam or facilitating someone’s religious obligations, you indirectly “participate” in their good deeds. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it.” (Hadith Narrated by Imam Muslim).

So when you give someone a gift and they use it to perform their prayers or in the remembrance of Allah, you share in the blessings of their worship because you played a role in facilitating it. Your intention to help them in their religious practices, reflects your commitment to promoting goodness and fostering spiritual growth, for which you may receive blessings from Allah.

What Does Muslim Pro Premium Offer?

Muslim Pro Premium offers a comprehensive package that includes ad-free access to the app’s features, along with the added bonus of Qalbox—a platform dedicated to Muslim-focused entertainment. From films and documentaries to TV series and kids’ programs, Qalbox offers a diverse library of content that reflects the richness and diversity of the Muslim experience.

How to Gift Muslim Pro Premium

Gifting Muslim Pro Premium is simple and convenient. You can choose to purchase a single premium gift for a specific individual by entering their email address. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spread the joy to a group of people or as corporate gifts, you can purchase premium subscriptions in bulk.

  1. Visit the Muslim Pro Premium gifting page here.
  2. Select the desired plan type and number of recipients.
  3. Fill in the details of the recipient and sender.
  4. Complete the payment process.

Once the purchase is complete, the recipient will receive their premium gift via email, along with instructions on how to redeem it.

How Recipients Can Redeem Their Premium Gift

Recipients can easily redeem their premium gift by visiting the redemption page and entering the unique code provided in the email. From there, they can create a new account or log in with their existing account to enjoy all the benefits of Muslim Pro Premium and Qalbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Premium include?
The premium subscription includes access to both Muslim Pro and Qalbox content, depending on the plan purchased. The plan is not auto-renewed.

Where can I redeem the Premium?
Visit this link to redeem your premium gift.

I did not receive the purchase or gift. What should I do?
If you encounter any issues, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

How many group purchases can I make?
You can make group purchases of more than 2 gifts. For larger purchases, we will provide separate email instructions for gift code retrieval.

This Ramadan, let your gifts be a reflection of your love, generosity, and commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being of those around you. Give the gift of Muslim Pro Premium subscription and make this holy month even more special for your friends, colleagues, and clients. 

May this Ramadan be filled with peace, joy, and countless blessings for you and your loved ones.

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