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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Are you eager to deepen your understanding of Islam in an engaging and accessible way? Curious about the impact of animated series in facilitating this learning journey?

Learning about Islam through animated series is an enriching activity to do with the family. Qalbox, available through the Muslim Pro App and Smart TVs, offers a diverse array of shows related to Islam. Before diving into the series, let’s consider the potential impact and benefits of these captivating shows.

How Can Animations Aid Learning About Islam?

Animated series have a unique way of capturing attention and simplifying complex concepts. For both children and adults, animations utilize visual storytelling, relatable characters, and engaging narratives to make learning enjoyable and memorable. They break down barriers to understanding and aid in comprehending abstract ideas, making them a powerful tool for learning about Islam.

Learn about Islam through these 14 Animated Shows

Recently, Qalbox introduced the “Learn” icon within our app, indicating shows that are aligned with this educational category. This initiative aims to facilitate easy access to enriching content aligned with learning about Islam.

Here are 14 animated series categorized under the new “Learn” icon on Qalbox, each offering a unique perspective on Islamic teachings:

1. Islam for Kids

“Islam For Kids” is an engaging original series produced by Qalbox that serves as an educational journey into the core elements of Islam. Across its episodes, children explore the significance of Ramadan, the essence of the Five Pillars encompassing belief, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage (Hajj). With informative animation and engaging narratives, this series offers young learners an enriching understanding of Islam’s fundamental concepts and practices.

2. Lantern’s Tales

The “Lantern’s Tales series unfolds captivating narratives deeply rooted in Arabian heritage, exploring the wisdom and moral principles prevalent in various eras. Through compelling storytelling, it illuminates influential Arab figures who shaped history, delving into the Arab renaissance and its impact on Western society. 

Emphasizing enduring Arab values like generosity, sincerity, trust, and courage, the series also highlights other essential character traits. It revitalizes the essence of Arab identity, showcasing its extensive influence on global culture while fostering a profound appreciation for its impact across generations and borders.

3. Animal Stories from Quran

The series intricately weaves together tales of animals connected to the Prophets, depicting their involvement in significant events and miracles from Qur’anic verses. Each episode focuses on an individual animal story, portrayed through the perspective of a shepherd deeply connected to nature and animals. The narrative unfolds as a mystical exploration, reflecting on their existence before encountering the Prophets, their experience with divine revelation, and the transformational impact of these encounters on their lives. This series is available in French or Arabic Audio.

4. Human Stories from Quran

Building upon the triumph of “Animal Stories of the Qur’an,” this new series, “Human Stories of the Qur’an,” emerges as a significant addition to the narrative. Each episode delves into a distinct tale intricately woven together by the storytelling of Jalaleldine, a sailor who doubles as a storyteller. This series is available in French or Arabic Audio.​

When a young boy named Ziad stows away on Jalaleldine’s ship, the captain discovers in him a shared fascination for these narratives. Simultaneously, Jalaleldine aids Ziad in his quest to find his long-lost parents. Accompanied by the spirited yet troublesome sailors Loulou and Marjane, the characters’ vibrant dynamics, lighthearted humor, and captivating performances enliven the intertwining stories, showcasing a tale of resilience, discovery, and undeniable charisma.

5. The Companions of the Verses


“The Companions of the Verses” journeys through captivating tales from the Holy Quran, revealing the perpetual battle between good and evil orchestrated by devils seeking to deceive humanity. Each episode unveils the resilience of believers combating these malevolent forces, exploring stories of faith, obedience, and struggle.

From the Sabbath-breakers’ test of faith to the challenges faced by a young sorcerer and a monk confronting a self-deified king, the series delves into narratives encompassing tyranny, dishonesty, idolatry, and the consequences of anger and repentance. These accounts offer profound lessons, including the significance of charity, all while recounting historic events such as the siege led by Prince Abraha upon the Kaaba. Amidst these tales, the series unravels the complexities of faith and human behavior in the perpetual battle against deception.

6. In Your Name Allah


“In Your Name Allah” presents a vivid portrayal of the Prophet’s life, offering a roadmap to virtuous living from youth to old age. Through captivating 3D animation, this series encapsulates pivotal moments from that era, drawing from Al-Sahifa’s phrase found in the Kaaba to events post-Al-Fil. Tailored for kids and families, each brief 11-minute episode delivers a collection of the Prophet’s most significant instances, providing a concise yet engaging glimpse into his life and teachings.

7. Men Around the Prophet


“Men Around the Prophet” is a cartoon series highlighting the tales of remarkable men entrusted with upholding and safeguarding their faith’s honor and integrity. It illuminates the Prophet’s companions, emphasizing their enduring roles alongside him, showcasing their vital contributions, relationships with the Prophet, and pivotal roles in spreading the message of Islam to enlighten the world.

8. Story of the Prophets: Muhammad

Story of the Prophet Muhammad now available on Qalbox by Muslim Pro

The “Story of the Prophets: Muhammad” follows the life of the Prophet, beginning before his birth with Abraha’s attempt to destroy Al Kaaba. It traces prophecies heralding his arrival, his upbringing as an orphan under Abdul Muttalib’s care, and later, his uncle Abu Talib’s guardianship. 

Known for his integrity and trustworthiness, he commenced his divine mission by advocating monotheism and denouncing idol worship. However, facing hostility and persecution from the Quraish, his followers sought refuge in Abyssinia. Amid ongoing conflicts and maltreatment, God instructed the Prophet to migrate. Despite Quraish’s persistent animosity, including boycotts and seizing Muslims’ belongings, believers prepared to defend themselves. The season culminates in the decisive victory of the Muslims over the Infidels at the historic battle of Badr.

9. Story of the Prophets: Ibrahim

The “Story of the Prophet: Ibrahim” explores Prophet Ibrahim’s life, depicting his challenges in an idol-worshipping society and his clashes with King Nimrod over idol worship. Surviving miraculous trials, Ibrahim’s narrative unfolds with his marriages, the births of Ishmael and Isaac, and the fate of Lot’s people due to their immorality. It recounts his escape from Pharaoh’s oppression, prophecies of Isaac and Jacob’s births, and the foundational call to monotheism. Throughout, the series portrays Ibrahim’s steadfast mission to spread Allah’s message and eliminate idolatry.

10. Story of the Prophets: Moses

The “Story of the Prophet: Moses” series chronicles Prophet Moses’ life, from his pre-birth era to the Pharaoh’s demise in the sea. It details the miraculous events, including the splitting of the sea and the Israelites’ escape, their return to idol worship, Moses’ confrontation, and the journey through the desert. The narrative highlights God’s provisions and Moses’ encounters, concluding with a summary of his life and miracles.

11. Story of the Prophets: Noah


The narrative of Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, unfolds after Adam’s departure from paradise and Cain’s slaying of Abel. It traverses through generations of prophets, including Seth, peace be upon him, advocating for God’s message amidst the prevalence of idols. The story progresses to Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, enduring ridicule from his people for his divine call, culminating in the revelation to construct the ark, the flood, and his poignant relationship with his son until his passing. 

12. The Journey


“The Journey” series follow three kids, Basel, Marmar, and Malek, as they embark on adventures to rescue their parrot friend, Zanan, from the clutches of the villainous Pirate Assi and his group. Through basic technology and eco-friendly innovations crafted by the children, the storyline emphasizes the perpetual battle between good and evil, showcasing the children’s virtuous actions against Assi’s wrongdoing. 

The narrative combines thrilling adventures with scientific insights aimed at kids, highlighting eco-friendly inventions and imparting educational values, illustrating the contrast between good morals exhibited by the children and Assi’s detrimental behaviors, portrayed in a simple, engaging manner suitable for children.

13. Oriental Scholars 



The “Oriental Scholars” animated series illuminates the remarkable contributions of Arab and Muslim scientists and scholars across history. Spanning 30 episodes, each episode intricately explores a scientist or scholar’s significant impact in various fields like physics, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and engineering. 

Through concise biographical animations, viewers delve into the achievements and advancements of prominent figures like Ibn Sina, Ibn Battuta, Al-Razi, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun, and others, unveiling their invaluable legacy in shaping the world of knowledge and science.

14. Burka Avenger

Burka Avenger now available on Qalbox by Muslim Pro 

Burka Avenger” is a children’s animated series from Pakistan that introduces a burqa-clad superheroine as a lead character. Qalbox is also the first to acquire and debut this Emmy-nominated animation series in English.

Jiya, a dedicated school teacher turned superhero, battles adversaries aiming to close down the girls’ school where she teaches. The series trails three Pakistani children entangled in conflicts with extremists, corrupt officials, and influential businessmen. As the Burka Avenger, Jiya intervenes, combating villains using educational tools and concludes each episode by championing messages of female empowerment, education, and opposition to extremism, fostering social awareness and change. 

How Can These Shows Benefit the Viewer?

These animated shows on Qalbox serve as more than just entertainment. They offer a platform to explore, understand, and internalize Islamic teachings, values, and culture. They encourage viewers to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Islamic history and teachings.
  • Embrace moral values such as compassion, justice, and empathy.
  • Foster an appreciation for cultural diversity within Islam.
  • Instill virtues like perseverance, faith, and unity, integral to Islamic teachings.
  • Nurture a love for seeking knowledge, a fundamental aspect of Islam.

What Impact Can These Shows Have on Family Discussions About Islam?

These animated series open doors for meaningful conversations within families about Islamic concepts, history, and values. They provide an engaging and accessible starting point for discussing various aspects of Islam, promoting a shared understanding and fostering familial connections through learning.

By engaging with these shows, viewers are encouraged to embrace the Islamic principles of lifelong learning, seeking knowledge, and applying the teachings in their lives. It’s an accessible and engaging medium to continue the journey of understanding Islam throughout one’s life.

How Do These Shows Align with Islamic Values and Teachings?

The themes, narratives, and messages within these animated series resonate with the fundamental values and teachings of Islam and portray concepts such as compassion, justice, perseverance, and unity, promoting an understanding of Islamic ethics and principles. In fact, Qalbox has a dedicated category just for Islamic content!

It is essential to note that we have a stringent content moderation process, to ensure that everything published on Qalbox embodies the right messaging and representation. While we do feature portrayals of the Sahabah, such as in ‘The Message’ or ‘Omar Series,’ it’s important to highlight that the depiction of prophets, including Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), remains a clear exclusion within Qalbox content. 

Our commitment to adhering to Islamic guidelines restricts the visual portrayal of prophets, ensuring respect and reverence for these esteemed figures. We understand the significance of this issue, and despite featuring stories surrounding these personalities, we ensure their visual depiction is respectfully avoided in line with Islamic teachings.

Embracing a Path of Continuous Learning

The world of Muslim-friendly entertainment on Qalbox offers an immersive, engaging, and enlightening avenue for individuals to delve into the teachings, history, and values of Islam. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s an intentional journey—a commitment to continual education and enlightenment.

Through these shows, viewers can nurture a deeper connection with their religion, fostering understanding, compassion, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. By subscribing to Qalbox and engaging with these animated series, individuals embark on a path of continuous learning—a journey that resonates with the Islamic principle of seeking knowledge from cradle to grave.

Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage and values through the captivating world of animated series on Qalbox. Start your journey today, and let the magic of storytelling and animation guide you on this enlightening quest.

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