Anniversary Exclusive: Top 8 Muslim-Friendly Animation for Kids

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

To mark the joyous occasion  of Muslim Pro’s 14th Anniversary, we’re thrilled to unveil  an exclusive lineup of the 8 best Muslim-friendly animated shows,perfect for family viewing. These captivating animations offer a blend of  entertainment, education, and inspiration, and are now accessible  for FREE on Qalbox within the Muslim Pro App – but for a limited time only. Immerse yourselves in the enchanting worlds of these remarkable stories with your children  and uncover  the valuable lessons  they impart.

These titles will be free for a limited period only, so be sure to check them out soon!

  1. Bilal

Join young Bilal on a remarkable journey a thousand years ago as he dreams of becoming a warrior. Abducted alongside his sister and taken to a land far from home, Bilal finds himself in a world dominated by greed and injustice. However, he discovers the courage within himself to raise his voice and make a change. 

Bilal | Watch it on Qalbox

Starring: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, China Anne McClain, Jacob Latimore, Ian McShane, Michael Gross, Thomas Ian Nicholas Fred Tatasciore, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams, Jon Curry, Mick Wingert, Dave B. Mitchell, Sage Ryan, Andre Robinson, Al Rodrigo.


  1. The Journey

“The Journey” follows the thrilling adventures of three kids – Basel, Marmar, and Malek – as they embark on a mission to rescue their parrot friend, Zanan. These episodes blend exciting adventures with valuable scientific information and eco-friendly inventions, imparting good morals and educational insights for kids.

x4WIZARCSdVbQKOx4cm3qm3n u6OgggG9W8CGKS0LinFV0HCCsNkof15SERUzTjzxmDDkRiLOfxHX llfMGiItAA7 oE wwnxIH Anniversary Exclusive: Top 8 Muslim-Friendly Animation for Kids

Starring: Jalal Hajrsi, Soheir Badrawi, Adam Aldali, Jana Ahmed, Mohammed Ashraf, Adham Elsayed, Ahmed Shamaa, Iyad El Gendy

Director: Hussein Magdi / Ahmed Mahdi

Genre: Kids, Animation


  1. Story of The Prophet Muhammad

Delve into the first season of “Stories of the Prophet Muhammad,” a captivating series that chronicles the life and journey of the final prophet in Islam, Mohammed (s.a.w). From the exile of the Muslims to Abyssinia to their triumphant victory at the Battle of Badr, Prophet Mohammed’s life is immortalized, offering valuable insights into Islamic history. 

Stories of the Prophet Muhammad | Watch it on Qalbox

Starring: Prof. Dr. Magdy Ashour, Jalal El Sharkawy, Jamil Ratib, Ezzat Abu Ouf, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour

Director: Dr Ahmed Hasan

Genre: Faith, History, Animation


  1. Story of The Prophet Ibrahim

 Follow the extraordinary journey of Prophet Abraham, who was born into a community steeped in idol worship, where his father himself was a statue and idol maker. Witness his unwavering commitment to spreading the message of Allah and his relentless efforts to convince people to believe in one God and abandon idolatry. 

Ttwkqcn416TQWQALjfsC7m256Aj3mZ0cxyZPXteXaDLZL4DQRAKWS8yVfsCTm3W5O2bMWzqBO1DLDF4m6ltIMdIWry1sSSs4Qn1PgnCpxDpHjfA5M1hVVHkZxV Z8dE7menzLZqc97A4UNgDP6EiPRM Anniversary Exclusive: Top 8 Muslim-Friendly Animation for Kids

Starring: Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Sami El-Adl, Ahmed Ratib, Hanan Mutawa, Samira Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Maher, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Dr. Sana Shafie, Wafaa Salem, Ahmed Abdel Wareth, Nadia Rashad, Aida Fahmy. Mustafa Hashish, Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, Nasser Seif, Diaa Abdel-Khalek, Ahmed El Shafei

Director: Dr Ahmed Hasan

Genre: Faith, History, Animation


  1. Burka Avenger

The series chronicles the adventures of Jiya, a school teacher by day and burka-clad superhero by night.This animated series follows her escapades as she comes to the aid of three Pakistani children in trouble, combining entertainment with valuable life lessons.

Burka Avenger | Watch it on Qalbox

Starring: – Ainy Jaffri, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Anum Zaidi, Amjad Chaudhary, Sara Rubab

Director: Haroon

Genre: Animation, Kids


  1. Animal Stories from Qur’an

Explore the incredible stories of animals that accompanied and served the Prophets throughout their lives, playing pivotal roles in Quranic miracles. These captivating narratives showcase the profound significance of these animals in Islamic history.

Viy1zwZcK4KsEA8qjE7NHLr1V5Q0HE5Js XQbI8bMZ Anniversary Exclusive: Top 8 Muslim-Friendly Animation for Kids

Starring: Yehia El Fakharany, Hanan El Turk, Mohamed Ragab, Mona Abdelghani, Intissar, Youssef Dawood, Lekaa Swedan, Ahmed Azmi, Hanan Motawie, Lekaa El Khamissi

Director: Mostafa El Faramawy

Genre: Faith, Animation, Kids


  1. In Your Name Allah

This animated series offers a compelling portrayal of the life of the Prophet (PBUH), from his youth to old age. “In Your Name Allah” brings to life the most significant moments from the Prophet’s time, offering a valuable recollection for all.

7j9R1rd2RRp8mvao2vRuy iFuz fzBDW5qpp 8flGMQpdh5F0jOVZLpXy3zOH7JNgq6Rxm1KWhqvkgbgoNLVp8INr BYqdi6Q dWOwtGSj3Xihm6Gv1x3jCNtAEqE0b92yggP dW2njuqo EwiYzSPI Anniversary Exclusive: Top 8 Muslim-Friendly Animation for Kids

Starring: John Masri, Johnny Nohra, Rana Hamiyye, Nareg Meguerditchian


  1. Ibn Battuta

Discover the historical events surrounding Ibn Battuta, a renowned explorer whose heroism and humane efforts made him one of history’s quintessential adventurers. This animated series brings his incredible journey to vivid life.

Cast: Nesrine Masood, Johnny Nohra, Wally Adams

Director: Salah Yaacoub

Genre: Animation, Kids


We invite you to seize this unique opportunity to enjoy these exceptional animated shows, thoughtfully handpicked  for our 14th Anniversary celebration. These titles will be available for FREE on Qalbox within the Muslim Pro App for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on the chance to share these enriching stories and values with your family. Enjoy your family weekend binge with these Muslim-friendly animations!


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