Women’s History Month: 3 Shows to watch on Qalbox

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, watching films that showcase women’s stories and contributions to society is a powerful way to honor their legacy. Through film, we can learn about the struggles and triumphs of women from all walks of life. Additionally, films can help to spark meaningful conversations. So, let’s come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women and the countless contributions they have made to society, both past and present.

We bring you three shows on Qalbox that highlight the achievements of women.

1.Casablanca Calling

“Casablanca Calling” is a documentary that explores the lives of Moroccan women who are working as Muslim teachers, or Morchidat, and empowering other women in their communities. 

The film showcases the lives of four inspiring Morchidat who work tirelessly in breaking down barriers to education in their communities. Their stories of overcoming cultural and social challenges to become leaders in their fields are truly inspiring.

casablanca calling 1920x1080 1 Women's History Month: 3 Shows to watch on Qalbox

“Casablanca Calling” also offers a unique look into Moroccan culture and the important role that religion plays in the lives of many Moroccans. It provides an intimate portrayal of the diverse and complex society in Casablanca and its surroundings.


“Mindanao” is a Filipino drama film that tells the story of a Muslim mother and her cancer-stricken daughter who live in the Philippines. 

This powerful and moving film explores themes of grief, loss, and resilience. The film’s sensitive and nuanced portrayal of its characters’ experiences will resonate with viewers and offer important insights into the human condition. It also provides a unique and intimate look into the lives of Muslim Filipinos, a group that is often marginalized and underrepresented in mainstream media. 

FB Qalbox Mindanao Trailer Thumbnail Women's History Month: 3 Shows to watch on Qalbox

Through the experiences of the film’s characters, we gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and religious traditions that shape their lives and communities.

3.Divas: From Oum Kulthum to Dalida

If you’re looking for a gripping documentary that will not only educate you but also entertain you, then you should definitely check out “Divas”. This Egyptian documentary features a diverse range of Egyptian women from all walks of life. 

From entrepreneurs to athletes to artists, the film showcases these women’s perspectives on their lives and their experiences in a male-dominated society. Each unique story will help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the strength and resilience of Egyptian. With its diverse perspectives, unprecedented access, and timely topics, this documentary is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Divas IMG01 Women's History Month: 3 Shows to watch on Qalbox

A still from Divas, which can be streamed on Qalbox now.

This article was written by Suryani Omar, the founder of Deen Hubb, a boutique Islamic bookstore in United States. 

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Suryani Omar

This article was written by Suryani Omar. With a passion for community and education, Suryani is currently the founder of Deen Hubb, a boutique Islamic bookstore based in the United States.

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