5 Muslim Women You Should Know About

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

5 Muslim Women You Should Know About

The space and place women have been given in Islam cannot be found in any other practicing religion. In fact even before the women empowerment and equality movements began globally, Islam has been promoting and respecting the value of women.

Muslim Woman in a orange hijab, looking at a mosque

We share the praiseworthy actions of 5 women who show us that a human’s worth doesn’t lie in others’ hands, but in their own.

1. Khadija Bint Khuwalid

The earliest evidence of courage, self-sustenance, and sacrifice is Khadija Bint Khuwalid, a trailblazer in her own right. She was an elite figure and a successful merchant of Mecca even before she married the Prophet ﷺ. She played a pivotal role in supporting Rasulullah ﷺ when he received Prophethood. Thus becoming the first ever Muslim woman. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Khadija had a daughter Fatima and through her, the Prophet’s ﷺ lineage was preserved (through her two sons, Hasan and Husayn).

2. Malala Yousufzai

The Pakistani activist’s rise to prominence began tragically when the Taliban shot her in a school bus for encouraging girls to go to school in Swat, Pakistan. In 2013, Malala addressed the United Nations and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She co-received it in 2014 at the age of 17, thereby becoming its youngest-ever recipient.

muslim women working on her phone and staying abreast with technology

3. Muna Abu Sulayman

Known for her work in the media, and education, Muna is an iconic Arab media personality and humanitarian. Muna was the first Saudi woman to become a regional TV personality. She is one of the founding co-hosts of the social issues show Kalam Nawaem, ranked #1 across the Arab World for 7 years in a row. She was the first Saudi United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

4. Ibtihaj Mohammed

An influential sports figure for African-American Muslims, Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first American hijabi fencer to compete at the Olympics and win a medal in 2016. She is a 5-time Senior World medalist and World Champion. A sports ambassador with the U.S. Department of State’s Empowering Women and Girls through Sport Initiative. In 2017 the first hijabi Barbie was modeled after Ibtihaj as part of Barbie’s “Shero” line of dolls.

muslim sports woman in hijab

5. Professor Khatijah Yusoff

The Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), her work has been recognized both locally and internationally. She was accorded UNESCO’s Carlos Finlay Prize for microbiology in 2005, the second Asian scientist ever to receive such an honor. She is also a strong believer in the need to translate science into tangible benefits for people around the world.

Muslim woman wearing a doctor's coat with equipments

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  1. Rahmatu Seidu

    Excellent 🤲✌️That really heart touching

    • Syed Mohammad Karimullah Jeelani

      Good to know about our Muslim women excelling in their respective fields with exemplary results. Great achievement, Heart touching, Ma Shaa Allah

    • Sameena

      Masha Allah, always u r a part of our religion, and our future generation are being a part of ur lines and follow the same things that they are done…..
      Ameen Summameen

    • Khalila


    • Isha

      When do Muslims themselves going to understand and embrace it in heart that none of these so called “liberations” are giving women their real worth. Allah gave women their real worth by making them the producer of the generations. If you have the brains, and raised yourchildren and family in a way that you will be comfortable in the day of judgement, and can manage it all go ahead and of course be a doctor, and all those professions it is all great. But it is saddening to see even Muslims are falling for the delusion that women are freeing themselves when they can be a football coach, or figure skater come on now really?? You are given the ability and control over giving birth to a life and have the utmost impact in shaping that human being, and that is not liberating enougu for you but you’ll feel accomplished because you are now a xyz.. that is so sad even Muslims are falling for this delusion. But it is a fault produced in collaboration, mutual work of Muslim women and men. If men really took their women, daughters sisters as a trust from Allah, and recognized their value as I tried to explain above, and cherished them and respected them, I have a feeling then women would not develop the need to feel that they are accomplished when they are xyz, but being a spouse and a mother would be more than enough. And like i said, if you have the brains and ability go above and beyond no one stops you, Islam won’t stop you. But I hope i was able to explain my point. May Allah help us all. Amin

    • Osman Rafat

      I am Egyption Canadian live in Toronto .

  2. Dawood Suleman


    • Ayesha

      Really inspiring 🥰🥰🥰🥰

      • Mohamed Mahmoud Barrie

        Very inspiring

  3. Adv Muzaffar

    I think after Hazrat Khadija RA, the second prominent name should have been Hazrat Aisha RA.

  4. Fawad Azeem

    It’s a really nice and pretty awesome

    • Tasleem Omar

      MashAllah! Very inspiring article.

  5. Muhammad Tahir Ibrahim

    Alhamdulillah is really great, reading all this mashaa Allah.

    • Sadik


      Maa sha Allah

  6. Raliyah Yusuf

    Beautiful…. Really inspiring 🥰

  7. Khairullah Bangalam

    Mashallah great womens

  8. Halima Daura

    Ma Sha Allah

    • Abdullahi Sani

      Wa alaikusalam




    It’s truly inspiring and rewarding to know that our sisters stand up in wot that they can achieve whilst having 2 go thru discrimination envy and humiliation and oppression from the media and government and people thank u Allah swt 4 giing us woman hope and achievement Ameen

  11. Dr Meharunisa

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍👍all the best to all Muslim women
    Allah swt May have mercy on all who

  12. Meharunisa

    May Allah have mercy on all ummat of rasool sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

  13. Ahmed

    Is good to be a Muslim

    • Farooq

      With all due respect to the last 4 women mentioned.
      This is some big error clubbing the other 4 with Hz. Bibi Khadija RA.
      Come on Muslimpro…
      You need to be careful.
      Putting sports girls in the same category as Hz. Bibi khadija RA. Are your editors are really learned.

    • William


  14. AA

    There are many righteous noble women in Islam.

    You put liberal malala who has half her hair out and says she doesn’t understand why people get married

    And a women who became a news reporter when were told the best women are the ones are those that are not seen by men

    you put those two before before aisha and Fatima? and other noble and righteous women of this ummah?

    This says a lot about your beliefs. You are influenced by feminism.

    You CANT advocate for feminism and Islam as they contradict one another.

    Plus Khalid’s may Allah be pleased with her never mixed with men when working she inherited her business and wasn’t mixing with men in markets.

  15. Syed Salahuddin Ahmed

    There are many other more inspiring women. You can’t possibly have hazrat Khadija with these group of ladies like Malala. But I am not trying to demean anyone.
    Also the information that Prophet SAW lineage was preserved through his grand son. Quran clearly say that Prophet SAW is not the father of any man. If Allah wanted He would have made direct descendant through prophet son but all his 3 sons passed away at a young age. So when you publish an article particularly relating to Allah & prophets they should research properly and be correct to the word not conflict

  16. Naiela

    How can you put the mother of believers in the same category… what a ridiculous piece… fair play to those who you chose to write about but you don’t mess with the prophet pbut family..

  17. Mo Mo

    What about Aisha RAwife of the prophet PBUH
    aisiya RA wife of pharaoh….she worshipped Allah despite the Fact her Husband.
    Maryam AS the mother of Eesa AS…she has a whole chapter

    malala ….you needs to take her out….she is not worthy of being put in the same sentence as the other….she has never spoken out against the occupation of Palestine . If this is the best you have come up with them we are truly list as a community. There are are many subject she refuses to speak up about as she does not want to upset her sponsors

  18. Farida

    Ma shaa Allah ❤
    That’s remarkable👌

  19. Papitha

    Masha Allah

  20. Vrushali Bhingare

    Assalamualaikum I’m hindu but l love Islam & I’m try to except Islam so You can help me to understand Islam

  21. Ms Z

    Ma Shaa ALLAH!!!
    Which of the Favors of the Lord will you deny?

  22. William Cowan

    Alhumdulela that is wonderful

  23. Murad

    As Salaam Alaykum, you can’t mention those other sisters in the same category as Khadija.

  24. Alyesha

    Wonderful to see these achievements of these high profile women. In my journey through life and more recently Islam I have found more inspiration and deen from the everyday unseen women around us who inspire us with their selfless support and actions within their family and communities. Subanahallah 🧕


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