The Promise of Umrah: An Inspirational Journey with my Mother

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The Promise of Umrah: An Inspirational Journey with my Mother

by Nik Emir Din

I finally had the opportunity to fulfill my mother’s promise to accompany her to Umrah since my father is no longer fit to travel and make the journey with her.

We had been wishing and planning to make the journey since 2019, but we had to keep postponing our travel plans due to the pandemic. My mother would constantly remind me, “Keep praying and put your trust in Allah, and He will present the opportunity and the right time.”

“Once Allah has decided it is your time to visit His home, there will always be a way. And Alhamdulillah, everything fell into place.”

The Journey

I performed Umrah when I was very young, so I consider this the first time I was able to truly appreciate and soak in the experience.

This year Saudi Arabia finally opened up its borders. We were blessed to have had a chance to go for Umrah during Ramadan. We had little time before our travel date and had to rush to get our visas and paperwork in order. It was extremely challenging since I had recently moved to Singapore. I had to coordinate everything amidst juggling moving to a new country and managing work commitments.

We flew to Jeddah from Kuala Lumpur; it was roughly an 8.5-hour flight. Our hotel in Makkah was an hour away from Jeddah by car. After performing our Umrah in Makkah, we spent a few days in Medina and visited the Masjid Quba before flying back to Kuala Lumpur.

We were blessed to be able to offer the two rak’at prayer at Masjid Quba which comes with its own special rewards. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever purifies himself in his house, then comes to the Quba’ Mosque and offers one prayer therein, will have a reward like that for ‘Umrah.” [Sunan Ibn Majah 1412]

quba mosque, masjid, medina, prophet muhammed, a white mosque
Masjid Quba in Medina

The uncertainties caused by Covid, and the challenges I faced through the journey and back home cannot be compared to the bliss I felt because I was finally able to make the journey to Allah’s house. It was indeed, an eye-opening experience. I am certain this will not be my last visit to the holy land.

The Call of Allah

We spent the last 10 days of Ramadan in Makkah, in search of Laylatul Qadr. Staying close to the Masjid allowed us to go for all the prayers, including Taraweeh and Tahajjud

prayers, makkah, umrah, hajj, postpandemic, ramadan, muslims offereing prayers at Masjid Al-Haram
Taraweeh prayers at night on the roof of Masjid-al Haram.

Listening to the Adhan and making the trip each time, I witnessed the diversity in the Muslim community. There were people from all walks of life. Different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures. Yet, all equal, moving together with one common purpose. 

I have never experienced a crowd like this before. Makkah was full of life at all hours of the day and night. It really felt like the city never slept. With the sheer amount of public, it was a difficult task to get inside and reach the Kaaba floor. We were lucky to have a good Mutawwif* guiding us. Most of the Masjid gates were closed and the guards were strict. No one was allowed unless in ihram to perform Umrah. Even then, there was no guarantee you could get in as they tried to control the number of people going near Kaaba. It depended on the time and your luck! 

*Mutawwif is a knowledgeable person who guides pilgrims during Hajj.

Kaaba, muslims praying to the house of Allah, Umrah, Hajj
View of the Kaaba during non-prayer time, Ramadan 2022.

Despite the anxiety and nervousness of trying to find a way in, the moment I stepped onto the white Kaaba floor and slowly gazed at the Kaaba, I felt calm. All the other feelings disappeared in a moment. 

I was in awe. The magnificence and presence of the Kaaba. Of which I had seen pictures and heard experiences others had. It can never compare to being there in person. It felt surreal as I took the time to absorb this overwhelming emotion, the feeling of being truly blessed. The opportunity to visit the house of Allah SWT.

With Hardship Came Ease

I tested positive for Covid a day after I returned from Umrah. I was disheartened to sacrifice Eid celebrations. I was unable to spend precious moments with my family and loved ones. 

My symptoms started when I woke up with a sore throat and increased temperature. A self-testing kit at home confirmed I had Covid. A few days later my symptoms worsened. I could barely eat or sleep. Sharp pain in my throat in the middle of the night forced me to rush to the ER. I was diagnosed with a superadded throat infection, a term for being infected with both the covid virus and bacterial infection. For a week, I was under heavy medication of pain killers and antibiotics to ease the throat pain. I started seeing improvement, and two weeks later, I had fully recovered.

Syukor Alhamdulillah, it was also a blessing that I did not have to endure the pain and discomfort during the Umrah trip. I am grateful that Allah SWT eased the journey for me. Reading about all the issues and catastrophes the world and other people are facing, I was thankful that I was only given this small test by Allah SWT. This experience has humbled me in many ways and is a great reminder to never take my health for granted.

umrah, muslim male in ihram, clock tower, makkah
Outside the Clock Tower after completing my Umrah

Gratitude and Growth

It was a bittersweet moment for me as we boarded the plane bound for home. On one hand, I was sad to leave but also thankful that I had the opportunity to accompany my mother and experience Umrah during Ramadan.

I came back with an even greater appreciation of being part of the global Muslim community. I had the opportunity to break fast and connect with other Muslims from all walks of life at Masjid Al-Nabawi.

muslims breaking fgast at Masjid Al-Nabawi, iftar, ramadaan, fasting, Makkah
Breaking fast at Masjid-Al-Nabawi

This trip has inspired me and motivated me to do more for our Muslim community and I hope to be able to continue doing this with my role at Bitsmedia and MuslimPro. Inshallah. 

About the Author

Nik Emir Din hails from Malaysia and has been with Bitsmedia for the past 4 years. He recently moved over to Singapore and is currently the Co-CEO of Bitsmedia. As a digital and technology advocate, he strongly believes in and supports the use of digital technologies to help and empower different communities.

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  1. Sakinah Ahamed

    This story was beautiful and inspirational to me because he went to Umrah with his mom, that’s a blessing in disguise. The other thing that touched me was that he was in awe when he saw the Kaaba. I too want to be in awe when I go to Umrah or Mecca Insha Allah accompanied by my husband or my son.
    In essence him and his mom achieved the alms they were in search for and that made them happy and it made me happy as well. I pray that one day I will get to have that same experience of being in Allah house where all the believers come from all walks of life . That feeling has to be one beautiful feeling unimaginable feeling that you cannot describe until you feel it.Ameen. Alhamdulillah

    • Farouq29

      Insha Allah! Ma’am

    • Margaret

      As salaamu alaikum may Allah accept they’re Ummrah and invite them again for Hajj Ameen 🤲🏾. Jazaakallahu khayran for sharing your experience 😊

  2. Sakinah Ahamed

    This story, is from a believer. He touched on all aspects of what the heart feels like when you visit umrah or Mecca. You really can’t describe it cause it’s unimaginable you just be in awe. This is beautiful. I’ve never been I’m just imagining. I’m so inspired by the story because he went with his mom to experience that feeling with all the other believers, from all walks of life. Allah is ((Ta-Allah) . Alhamdulillah.. Doing Umrah with your mom is a blessing in disguise. The other beautiful thing that touched my soul in this story was that he was in awe when he saw the Kaaba . There goes that unimaginable feeling again, Masha Allah.
    In essence, one day I pray that I too get to experience that unimaginable feeling and be in awe when I go to Umrah or Mecca with my husband or my son Insha Allah. Coming down with the COVID when he went home was just a test from Allah to see how much he truly appreciated his trip to Umrah and the feeling that Allah allowed him to endure. Alhamdulillah

    • Farouq29

      Masha Allah

  3. Nerissa

    What a wonderful story. Love hearing of people’s heart filled moments when captivated by the pull of Allah’s love in these sacred places. Peace, love tranquility. What an inspiration. 💖

  4. Najib osigbeme sani

    Praying that Allah grant you an infinite Mercy for you effort . ameen

  5. Suleiman Mohammed Jamiu

    Ya Allah called me, my daddy and lovely once to your House Bijahi Rasuulillahi Sallallahu Allaehi Wasallam.

    What a lovely country I wish to live, Ya Allah make it easy and send you help to locate me and take me to your House Bijahi Rasuulillahi Sallallahu Allaehi Wasallam

  6. Rimla

    I wish I want to go and perform Hajj with my father but I have no opportunity and I belong from a poor family but I believe that Allah calls us on day InshAllah

  7. Liban


  8. Hani Sobhi alshaikh

    Inshallah we go too very soon , I’m so jealous

  9. Sitara

    Masha Allah Great inforamtion carry on ! love it


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