5 Ways Good Fitness and Health Improve Your Career Success

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In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The pandemic casts an unpleasant spell on our personal and professional lives. The onset of work-from-home sets some in a frenzy. The 9-to-5 job, five days a week, has crept over 24 hours, all seven days. This routine has led to a physical and mental disruption in the personal-work life integration.ย 

Here are 5 healthy habits for working professionals that will improve your job performance and help you achieve optimal success.

1. Time Management

It is essential to dedicate your time efficiently. Schedule your days and prioritize your tasks beforehand. Use your time efficiently. Working overtime is the biggest energy killer. Your superiors don’t own your time. They pay you for your efforts and completion of dedicated tasks. Make time for your health, exercise regularly, and maintain healthy habits.ย 

2. Maintain WLB (Work-Life Balance)ย 

Skipping family dinners for urgent presentations?

Consistently pushing your children to meet deadlines at work?ย 

Neglecting your spouse and working late?

This has slowly become the new work-life balance. The balance has tipped over to the wrong side without you realizing it. Be particular about keeping work and personal life separate. Your mental and social wellness is equally important.

3. Islamic Way of Life

Reflect on your actions and your yourself. Self-reflection will help you re-calibrate your lifestyle. Just like your body needs energy, your soul does too. Practicing what pleases Allah will gradually direct you towards success in a subtle yet efficient manner. Your final promotion is to the house of Allah. Make sure you reach your KPIs (adhere to the characteristics of Islam) and ensure a spot in paradise without question, inshaAllah.

4. Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Tempting gym memberships and diet plans catch our attention. We spend money trying to curb or control what and how we eat. Instead, focus on sunnah foods, time your meals, stay hydrated and stick to a routine. Nourish your body so you can nourish your soul as well.

5. Develop Patience and Perseverance

We are a generation that keeps rushing. Running to work, racing to meet deadlines, consuming fast food, quitting jobs, looking for instant gratification, and then searching for the perfect holiday to get away from it all? Any means to meditate and take a break from your busy schedule.

This break you seek, is right here.

It is in the Quran, in salah, on the face of your loving children, in the embrace of your parents and the eyes of your spouse. They are the fruits of sabr, the gift of your perseverance, and the sukoon/sakinah of your heart.

How Can Good Fitness and Health Improve Your Career Success?ย 

To accomplish more at work, one must pay attention to health and fitness alongside maintaining a flexible work-life balance. A healthy lifestyle boosts productivity and decreases the exhaustion caused at work.

Give yourself time. Pick up a new skill or learn and invest time and effort in your hobbies. And while you work hard, remember to maintain your trust in Allah, for He knows best.

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