Food: Creating Memories With a Pinch of Salt

by Farida Haji

“Maa, send the corn chicken recipe.”

It was a way of indirectly letting mom know I was missing her. That, this lonely, hug-less being needed her embrace and presence more than ever.

I am not a terrible cook, but it’s not my first choice or love when it’s time to step in the kitchen. If I ever earn that extra buck, I wouldn’t flinch before hiring a cook. I would happily clean the house!

The Whatsapp list where you see names, I saw, Maa typing…

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I opened her chat and sat there waiting for her fingers to work magic; like they always did when I was young.

This time transported me elsewhere though. I stared at the screen.

It started reading….

  • Place boneless self in situation,
  • Pour time, add some eye rolls, a handful of tantrums and slaps,  2 tbsp of criticism. A dash of encouragement.
  • Let it boil.
  • Poke self with a knife,  check for character and behavioral tenderness. Set aside.
  • Remove frozen memories from the freezer, add fresh moments. Rinse under flowing time. Grind them together to form a smooth paste. Set aside.
  • Take  a separate circumstance.
  • Pour elements of frustration, a tinge of anger, and salt, definitely salt. That’s mandatory. Stir.
  • Add your flavorful self to this concoction, saute until all elements combine and shape you.
  • Pour in memory paste.
  • Cover the circumstance with a lid of hope, let it simmer.
  • 15 mins later, check on your situation, use the magic liquid where your boneless self brewed to adjust the temperament of your dish.

Maa is typing…..


I followed her recipe.

My family and I sat to eat. Some found it bland, some lacking salt.

But, for me, for me,

Every bite was perfect.

It was what I made.

It was what mom had made.

It was me.

The plates and pans were clean. The food was in their tummy.

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Tomorrow will be another meal. 

I’ll miss you again mom. I’ll cook another version of me!

This article first appeared on Little Humans: The Life of 2 Offsprings.

About the Author

Farida Haji is a writer by profession. She documents her parenting journey through series of anecdotes. She reflects on her upbringing and style of motherhood through a variety of metaphorical stories on her personal blog Little Humans.