5 Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Quran

Learning the Quran could be daunting for any individual, including parents. This is even more so for kids who are being exposed to the holy book for the first time. For most it would be in a foreign language which they have just begun reciting in their daily prayers in a fragmented fashion.

The following are 5 fun ways to explore and implement when teaching the Quran for your kids:

Alternate Oral and Aural Learning

There is no point in enforcing a strict learning ritual by sitting still and applying rote learning. It would eventually extinguish the flame of curiosity in young minds. Worst still, this could potentially lead to learning by repetition without truly expanding the mind in terms of understanding and appreciating the beauty of the Quran.

Certain verses are repeated in daily prayers. Start with those which are familiar and not intimidating. Through the internet and social media platforms, identify credible sources to listen to recitations which could buttress your kids’ confidence in emulating what they hear. The Muslim Pro app is an excellent platform to start with as it is easy to navigate. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to start appreciating the lyrical beauty of the verses, as a family. Music to the ears, truly.

Play and Learn

Kids pick up knowledge with ease when it comes in the form of games. There are multiple ways to implement and mould this effective (and fun!) strategy for both kids (and parents to enjoy)!

One instance would be the task of finding or identifying certain verses followed by sourcing for credible translations through books on Quranic interpretations or online resources. Another approach is to identify certain surah (chapter) or ayat (verse) which they know or like, then reciting it in full. Words of encouragement and praise would certainly help in boosting confidence; to try without giving up, even if your kids make mistakes which they are bound to.

Tick! Tick! Timer

Grab a timer or use your smartphone. Maximise the time by adding an element of competition if there are more than two kids in your household. At the same time, this could be a way to encourage accelerated learning of the above mentioned methods for individual kids. By trying to beat his or her own personal best from previous learning experience, it introduces an element of added excitement!

Go Beyond Bedtime Stories

Stories of adventure, filial piety, pursuit of knowledge and even determination fill the Quran. Stories of prophets could supplement and boost the learning of the Quran. Seek out such children’s books or online resources to further spark your kids’ imagination and expand their understanding of the Quran as a whole. It is akin to completing a jigsaw puzzle. In this case, it is constantly happening based on the different puzzle pieces gathered over the course of learning.

Additionally, check out local mosques or museums in your city to explore exhibitions on Islamic history and traditions. Too far from your residence? Not a problem. Explore virtual tours without having to leave your seats. This would activate your kids’ senses. It is a great opportunity to help your kids visualise certain stories or pieces of knowledge they have accumulated thus far; whether through the architecture of Islamic spaces or cultural information of the Islamic communities around the globe.

No Triumph Is Too Small

Again, keep motivating your kids to keep exploring and learning about the Quran. Never belittle any questions or mistakes made by your kids. Celebrate their achievements along the way, be it the full recitation of certain surah, or understanding historical incidents involving prophets. Consistent words of encouragement helps build confidence in your kids.