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7 Ways Islam Encourages Growth in Modern Life

Islam serves as a guiding light for millions worldwide, offering a comprehensive framework that promotes personal and communal advancement across various dimensions. Rooted in divine guidance from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Islamic...

5 Ways To Seek Forgiveness in Islam

We are aware that those who perform an evil deed, they will face consequences and be punished, be it in this world or the hereafter.  However, Allah has provided various avenues for us to attain salvation and seek forgiveness.  Here are five ways in which one can seek...

The Day of Ashura: Exploring the Spectrum of Events

The Islamic calendar is rich with significant events, but few months hold the profound spiritual and historical importance of Muharram. As the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Muharram is considered one of the four sacred months in Islam.  Within this month,...

Muharram’s Blessings: Supplications and Virtues of the Sacred Month

The Islamic month of Muharram, the first month of the Hijri calendar, is a time of deep spiritual significance and reflection. As one of the four sacred months in Islam, it is a period marked by numerous virtues and blessings.  This article explores the virtues of...

Fasting During Muharram: Health and Spiritual Benefits

Fasting holds a significant place in Islam, serving both spiritual and physical purposes and fasting during Muharram happens to be one of great importance.  Fasting During Muharram on The Day of Ashura The 10th day of Muharram, known as the Day of Ashura, holds...

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7 Steps To Guide You Through Your Year-End Reflections

7 Steps To Guide You Through Your Year-End Reflections

Embark on a purposeful year-end reflection journey aligned with Islamic teachings. Explore seven actionable steps rooted in Quranic guidance and Hadiths, guiding self-reflection, gratitude, evaluation, repentance, and goal realignment. Discover how these steps foster personal growth and spiritual enrichment for a fulfilling year ahead.

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Find the Hidden Treasures in the 99 Names of Allah

Find the Hidden Treasures in the 99 Names of Allah

We often stumble upon stories of past finds and fortunes. Those of kings and ancient dynasties left behind to be discovered generations later. Or some treasures just lost to time, getting a mention once in a while. But what if there was a treasure trove for us all?...

Mapping And Mining The NFT Minefield

Mapping And Mining The NFT Minefield

The NFT fad is inevitable and in a constant state of flux and evolution, like any other shiny new object online. The concept demands an open mind to truly peel off the intricate layers involved before reaching an understanding based on informed opinions. The...

Loving Love In Online Spaces

Loving Love In Online Spaces

Name, age, educational achievements and hobbies. And, never forget the proverbial profile picture. These are the elementary requirements. It reads just like a resume. A personal branding of sorts. Without intentionally being crude, it is ultimately a way of packaging...

Dealing with Failure

Dealing with Failure

It is very easy to fall into the pits of frustration and disappointment which could then send one spiralling into the abyss of depression when encountering setbacks. However, in our quest for attaining success (insert your goals, wants and desires here), at times we...

School Zone: Robotics for Your Child

School Zone: Robotics for Your Child

We want the best for our kids. No doubt, when the only constant in the world is change, we have to keep our eyes peeled to be better informed as parents. Instead of letting our kids be passive consumers of the latest technology, why not start them off early when it...

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The Crescent Moon: The Many Faces Of Islam

The Crescent Moon: The Many Faces Of Islam

‘The Crescent Moon’ is available to watch on Qalbox. New users enjoy a 7-day free trial, which also gives access to the full features of the Muslim Pro app ad-free! Claim your free trial today! We have to be at ease with uncomfortable truths. The fact is the global...

Devouring Written Words: Healthy Reading Habits

Devouring Written Words: Healthy Reading Habits

Reading is fundamental when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge. Fortunately, we will never run out of options when it comes to books. The global book market is estimated to grow hit US$124.2 billion by 2025! Even more impressive is that there are already...

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