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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague many countries, millions of Muslims are restricted from performing their Hajj pilgrimage for a second year in a row. The Saudi Arabia government has restricted the Hajj pilgrimage for 2021 to only 60,000 residents and citizens residing in the country.

In spite of this, you are still able to experience Hajj from the safety and comfort of your homes with help of Muslim Pro. Join our #MuslimProHajj Quiz Instagram Contest to discover the sacred journey of Hajj and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes.

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How To Participate

Step 1: Follow Muslim Pro’s Instagram profile @muslimproapp.

Step 2: Find the quiz clues posted on Muslim Pro’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts between 19th to 25th July 2021.

Step 3: Download our Muslim Pro app.

Step 4: Search for secret images in our Hajj Journey and Hajj & Umrah features.

Step 5: Screenshot the correct secret image based on the respective quiz clue.

Step 6: Post the secret image with the hashtag #HajjWithMuslimPro on Instagram only.

Step 7: Tag @muslimproapp and 5 friends to encourage them to participate.

Prizes and Selection of Winners

10 Winners will be selected randomly daily between 19 to 25 July 2021. Each winner will receive an Annual Subscription (1 Year) of our Muslim Pro app.

Winners will be notified within 48 hours via Direct Message (DM) on Instagram only, after the quiz clues have been posted on Muslim Pro’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Contest Terms & Conditions

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Discover the sacred journey of Hajj and Umrah through an
immersive virtual experience with the Muslim Pro app.

Hajj Journey Feature

Trace the pilgrimage route that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ once walked, the rites and the footsteps of Prophet Abraham and Ismael. Get a bird’s eye view of key landmarks visited by Muslim pilgrims even till today. Swipe through our interactive galleries filled with remarkable images and educational videos. Explore now.

Hajj Journey feature in the Muslim Pro app.

Hajj & Umrah Feature

Immerse yourself with insightful knowledge about Hajj & Umrah with our comprehensive guides. Find additional information about checklists and recommended items in our Resources section. Explore now.

Hajj & Umrah feature in the Muslim Pro app.