3 Things To Start Your Day

by Muslim Pro

There are many things that we have to grapple with every day. Typically, most would be things snowballing from the previous day. It could either be something we keep putting off by procrastinating to subliminally adding on to that growing to-do-list in our minds and progressively checking them off mentally as we go about our day. At times, it could feel very demotivating as we seem to not be moving forward in life.

Are we really stuck in a rut; having poured twice as much energy only to get halfway towards our end goal(s) compared to those around us? Or, it that just a perceived negativity haunting our guilty conscience numbing our ego and sensitivity to our very own sense of self-worth?

Is tomorrow just another mirror of our yesterday?

A young Muslim woman using her phone.

Choose Kindness, Always

Consciously choose to open the door to positivity each day. It is inevitable that we feel overwhelmed from time to time. If warranted, it is never self-aggrandising to start with self-affirmations in our personal space first. Why not start practising and extending kindness to ourselves first and foremost? Acknowledge our small wins and big triumphs in daily life. When was the last time we smile at ourselves in the mirror right before leaving the house?

Our smiles could very well be that shred of hope for someone else enveloped in feelings of gloom and doom for many different reasons. A simple greeting to acknowledge another friendly face in passing while commuting perhaps, could potentially go a long way beyond cheering up another person. Smiling is as good as any habit to start us off in the right direction. Fundamentally, smiling is sunnah!

Be Empowered: Connect Globally

As we commute to school or work, choose to make use of our time meaningfully. Make use of tools to practise our faith and consume a personalised stream of content and ideas that engage and inspire Muslims, wherever and whenever, is one way to start off the day productively.

It could be as simple as listening to Quranic audio recitations to either soothe the mind or improve our own pronunciations when reading the Quran. With dozens of translations available, the Muslim Pro app is truly an ideal companion.

Muslim Pro and Qalbox.

Next, choose to dedicate a portion of our time to read and share inspirational and educational articles. As the go-to Muslim lifestyle blog, the Connect website has a curated content that bridges faith and technology. Read on mental wellness, navigating personal finance, the climate emergency, reviews, technological trends, such as the NFTs, and many more!

It does not end there. Other than hitting the ‘like’ button on the emoji panel and sharing the articles with our colleagues, friends and loved ones, it is also an opportunity to connect and articulate our opinions through the Comments section. It is a platform to be truly heard and learn from a multitude of thoughtful viewpoints and connect on a global scale.

Our voice matters. Same goes for our choices. It depends on how we choose to empower and engage with ourselves and others.

Maturing Through Worthwhile Watching

Qalbox, the heart of Muslim entertainment.

As we are five minutes away from arriving at our destination we would inevitably make plans to unwind after a long day. Something to look forward. Most would choose to stream content as a form of escapism and mindless enjoyment. No judgment here. It is our prerogative.

Yet, our enjoyment does not have to result in absolute sense of hollowness once it ends. The shows we choose to watch have an impact on our continued maturity and sense of perspective when it comes to a wide array of matters. It is an opportunity to not only unwind but also to plug in the gaps of our knowledge in a passive fashion through enjoyable watching of streaming content. Here, Qalbox offers lifestyle infotainment content offering a wide range of multilingual shows and series across multiple genres for the contemporary global Muslim community. Thus, look no further to unwind and decompress meaningfully.

A graphic showcasing a conceptual example of relaxing.

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