Reflection on the Film Honor Behind The Veil by Tya Subiakto Satrio

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Reflection on the Film Honor Behind The Veil by Tya Subiakto Satrio

by Farida Haji & Hessy Trishandiani

Destiny Decides Your Path

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A chanced yet intriguing conversation about destiny between Syahdu (Donita) and Ifand Abdussalam (Andhika Pratama) helps her rediscover her passion for life and renews her trust in happiness again. 

Their paths crossed once more as Ifand lives in the same village as Syahdu’s grandparents. Ifand and Syahdu establish a beautiful friendship that is extremely meaningful for them. However, their constant meetings become questionable and a cause of shame for her grandparents.

Still from the movie Honor behind the veil

Syahdu returns home with a heavy heart and is faced with a dire situation. She sacrifices her happiness and marries her temperamental ex-boyfriend (Iwa Rasya). A heartbroken Ifand moves on and marries a righteous woman Sofia (Ussy).

As circumstances change, the star-crossed lovers connect again, this time Ifand marries a frail Syahdu, as his second wife. Sofia, being deeply compassionate accepts her fate and lives amicably under the same roof with Syahdu. Over time conflicts arise and Syahdu leaves home.

Still from the film Honor Behind the Veil

Facets of Women in Islam

The movie explores multiple trials and tribulations women face. During her lifetime Syahdu goes through instances of abuse, abandonment, misunderstanding, lack of love, and sacrifices, while Sofia deals with heartache, the trauma of being unable to conceive, and the societal taunts of living with her husband’s second wife. 

Relationships are difficult to maneuver. Honor Behind The Veil sheds light on the emotional turmoil of women. They play multiple roles: daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers; through all they are expected to live by rules made by society.

Still from the movie Honor Behind the Veil

Why is it that we often end up sacrificing our hopes and aspirations? 

Is it our conditioning or inbuilt emotional threshold that is way beyond understanding? 

Allah Always Has a Plan

The movie ends as Syahdu thanks her beloved family during her final moments. Unintentionally leaving behind happiness in Sofia and Ifand’s life that they can cherish and remind them of her presence for as long as they live. 

Still from the film Honor Behind The Veil

Alhamdullilah, Allah has his ways. Through movies, we can explore so many facets of human lives, especially those that shed light on our diverse Muslim cultures. Many a time our personalities and cultures may not go hand in hand; yet, faith plays a powerful role. ‘Sudah suratan takdir’, just like Sofia is honored at the end of the movie, He always has a plan and shall always provide you with what is yours. 

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