1444 Hijri: Renewed Intentions in Muharram

Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar and holds a high amount of important events in Islamic history. Muharram is also one of the four holy months, along with the Dhul Qa’da, Dhul Hijja and Rajab. These months were in the pre-Islamic era (al jâhiliya), already considered as special periods, forbidding the tribes to fight each other. These were periods of truce that allowed traders to cross the desert without fear of being attacked by an enemy tribe, as well as for any other activity that required travelling.

Abundant Rewards Of Holy Months

The Almighty, in His infinite wisdom, wanted His message to take up certain practices that were in use before the advent of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the Arabian Peninsula. Among these were the sacred months. However, in the context of Islam, these are no longer considered months in which war is forbidden, but months during which the reward for good deeds increase. 

Since we are currently in one of these months, Muharram, it is therefore advisable to take advantage of this opportunity to increase our good deeds. This month has a special day, the tenth day which is called the day of Ashura. Fasting on this day presents great merit as a year’s worth of sins is erased for a single day of fasting!

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Reflect And Grow

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As we embrace a new Islamic year, it is important to take a step back and reflect on how to improve ourselves for the coming year.

We all have the intentions to make changes, to kick-start a better, more productive routine and one that brings us closer to Allah. Yet, many of us get disappointed not before long as breaking familiar habits is not an easy thing to do despite our surge of motivation telling us that it is.

The way to succeed is to go back to basics, to be realistic. Embrace change with a calm mind-set. Start with reciting the Quran more, apart from those during daily prayers. Being grateful is another form of worship that is easy to offer. We just need to take some time to think about everything we have. Write down everything we are grateful for. It may be our health, wealth, job, family, loved ones, or whatever else we have been blessed with. Do not be surprised by how long the list gets!

Let’s count all of our blessings and say Alhamdulillah. 

Pledge to give more to charities. Besides having our rewards multiplied, giving sadaqah removes your sins and stands in the way of calamities as well.

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And, as we collectively emerge stronger and wiser after the pandemic, consciously allocate more time to spend with family. One significant learning point is cultivating and nurturing discipline to be more patient and forgiving – not just to others, but, more importantly, yourself!

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Let’s not squander any more opportunities to forge a closer connection with Allah. With renewed intentions and sincere effort, we could very well inch closer to becoming genuinely repentant and serious in fulfilling our quotient of spiritual piety.