School Zone: Learning Never Stops

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

School Zone: Learning Never Stops

We have all been there. In fact, some of us are still in the thick of it as working adults.

Whether you are a parent of young school-age children or an adult juggling work responsibilities and study commitments, there would be times we might start doubting our sense of direction and purpose in this area.

Truthfully, it does not have to be physically taxing and mentally draining. Albeit realistically, to reach that stage of bliss by being in control of our immediate circumstances and choices would require better decision-making skills anchored in discipline.

The Early Bird

It is always a good idea to start ahead. This simply means setting aside time to read the syllabus, for instance. Awareness of the overall basic structure of the subject would carve room for a better understanding of the content. When paired with reading of the first few chapters of the assigned book or reading materials, it helps in formulating relevant questions to develop greater clarity of thought at a later stage of learning.

Female student learning from home.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned in the most efficient and effective fashion is to start with the foundation: That being careful planning of time. It is more than just drawing up a schedule, which typically would eventually be left untouched and forgotten. Optimisation of such scheduling is a way of understanding the best time (and space) to engage in some serious learning without constant interruptions and distractions.

Ask And Ask Away

Two students learning from home with a tutor.

Questions are to be encouraged. Grasping an argument or a formula is no easy task for everyone upon initial contact. Unique and individualised learning styles and pace are part of the learning equation.

No question is too trivial. And, do not forget to jot it down before forgetting all about it!

Apply Constant Learning

Getting answers to questions is not the endgame. Instead strive to constantly check whether full understanding has been achieved in any form of learning. From practice papers, pop quizzes among your circle of friends to practical applications in daily living. Do what works for you.

Last minute revision never helps either. The key is consistency. Yes, discipline and tenacity in reaching set goals.

Balancing Quality Work + Play = Smiles

Striking a healthy balance between studying and rest is vital. Sufficient sleep improves brain activity and aids in learning and concentration. Mental wellness is part of the equation in acing any endeavour. Decompressing is a way of overcoming inevitable stress and pressure that more often than not are self-inflicted.

One facet of quickening the rate of boredom when facing with pages upon pages of reading is more reading without taking breaks. Essentially, reading is and could be a pleasurable activity when the healthy approach is implemented and practised. It is about nurturing love of the written words, which are the elementary building blocks of learning.

Children Reading A Storybook

As we continue to take on the challenge of learning at any stage of life, setbacks are inevitable. Setbacks do not equate to utter failure, thus immobolising the march towards a better tomorrow. Simple: Learning never stops.

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