Ramadan Reading List: Islamic Books to Learn More About Islam

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

After a person enters Islam, Allah gives him the quest to learn more about Islam. Many a time reverts find it confusing to pick the most authentic book on Islam. Here We are listing some authentic and valuable books on Islam which will let you learn the different aspects of Islam, InshaAllah.

1. Quran

benefits of reading quran, quran, Ramadan

The first book to pick up for study is the constitution of Islam: The Quran. Read the Quran from Mushaf (The Arabic Quran). If you cannot read, listen to the recitation and try to grasp the message of the Quran by reading the translation of the Quran. The most popular and the most exact translation of the Quran in English is the Quran by MAS Abdul Halem. It is loved by the people who read it.

Another one in this list is the Meaning of the Holy Quran by Yahya Emerick. Emerick’s Quran is not the exact translation of the Quran, but it helps you grasp the subject as his explanation is in simple English written for school children.

the meaning of the holy quran Ramadan Reading List: Islamic Books to Learn More About Islam

This book helps me learn about topics in a particular Surah and the story of the background verses.

2. Biographies of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The Biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, When you read about the role model Allah sent to guide us, you realize that there was a Prophet like us (human) who lived to all the commands of Allah. His personality and his actions are a Sunnah that earns us rewards. The more you read about him, the more you feel attached to Allah. Peace and blessings on our Prophet ﷺ.

Prophet Muhammed, book, his life

The book Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Source gives a precise story about the Prophet of Islam. A very interesting fact about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is that his lineage traces back to Prophet Abraham AS.

3. A Short Guide for the New Muslim

There are certain books written for the interest of new Muslims like A Guide for the New Muslims. I am a born Muslim but I keep this book handy and consider gifting this book to friends and relatives as it summarizes the Pillars of Islam very comprehensively – “Whom to give zakat to? Things that invalidate salah, etc.

new muslim, book, guide, read, ramadan

I recommend this book to new Muslims and all Muslims as well. 

Why to a Muslim? 

Because it explains the basic principles of Islam in a very easy, comprehensive, and diagrammatical way. It has lots of pictures, illustrations, and flow charts that make it easy to learn and retain. To a New Muslim, because it helps you begin to understand Deen, your responsibilities, and requirements as a new Muslim.

4. Book About Way of Life as A Couple

Islam is a beautiful religion in which every act is Ibadah. The man asking for someone’s hand in marriage should educate himself about the wedding beforehand and know its rulings; thus, he should be mature when he approaches the issue.

When a girl is about to get married, she is nervous and apprehensive of her new life. In those moments, she needs someone who talks to her, comforts her, erases her fear, and guides her to an establishment of a happy family. When I was given the proposal of marriage I was like, ”Wait, I don’t know anything. How will I be a good wife?”

muslim Bride,

My mother comforted me and gave me this book, A Gift For A Muslim Bride, that had all the essential details I needed to know. She said, “I am your mother, but things I cannot say you openly, you will find it in this book.”

5. Books on Islamic History

Islamic History is full of treasures. For example, if you know the reason and time of the Battle of Badr, you will understand why the Badri, people who fought the battle of Badr were given very high status. I have compiled a list of books.

I suggest a book that gives you an overall view of Islamic history would be Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong.

6. Books about the 4 Righteous Predecessors of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Reading books about the Khalifas, their art of living, dealing with challenges, and their level of Imaan boosts your spirit to do good and emulate them.

There is a hadith:

اَلْمَرْءُ مَعَ مَنْ أَحَبَّ

A man will be with whom he loves. (Bukhari, Muslim)

[Hadith 21, 40 Hadith Shah Waliullah]

Mulla Ali Qari (RH) states that the most common understanding for this hadith is that when a man loves those who are good and pious he will be raised with them on the day of resurrection, and if he loves those who are evil and corrupt he will be raised with these people on the day of resurrection. This can be further seen in the hadith:

‏ الرَّجُلُ عَلَى دِينِ خَلِيلِهِ فَلْيَنْظُرْ أَحَدُكُمْ مَنْ يُخَالِلُ

A man is upon the religion of his friend, so let one of you look at whom he befriends.

[Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2378]

It is narrated in Bukhari, on the authority of a large number of sahaba’s that a man came up to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and asked, “What do you say of a man who loves a certain group of people but cannot be of them?” To this Muhammad (SAW) replied, “A person will be with whom he loves” By a certain group here the man meant those who were learned and pious that he loved these people but did not have the means to be amongst them.

Anas mentions concerning this hadith:

There was nothing which made us (sahaba’s) happier in this world than to hear this. (Muslim)

As they loved Muhammad ﷺ greatly, this hadith indicated that they would be with him the hereafter.

Some scholars have stated that this is a glad tiding of a good death for those who love the pious as they will be raised amongst them on the day of resurrection. May Allah make us from those who are resurrected with the pious on the day of reckoning. Ameen.

7. Learn about Islamic Finance

Interest is haram in Islam. To acquaint yourself with the Islamic way of dealing with money matters, to learn about riba and how you can escape riba; I have written a whole review of books on Islamic finance. But if you ask me the name of one single book that is easy to understand and comprehend, it is – 

The Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises to help you master the fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance.

More Book Recommendations:

99 Names of Allah by Imam Ghazali.
I have read it several times. It is one of those books you must have on your bookshelf for a quality reading.

Minhaj Al Muslim
It covers all aspects of life. I have read it and have found it very useful. The author of Minhaj Al-Muslim (The Way of a Muslim) was the great scholar, Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza’ri. He held the prestige of being a regular lecturer at the Prophet’s Mosque in Al-Madinah. His way of teaching was very simple and his lectures find a place in the minds and hearts of people.

Riyadh as Saliheen
It covers every aspect of Islamic belief and moral conduct. It selects approximately 2000 hadith from the six major collections: Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi, An-Nisai, and Ibn Majah. It serves as an excellent hadith primer and daily reader. Wide range of topics: sincerity of purpose, spending in the way of Allah, rules of fasting, seeking knowledge, attending funerals, and safeguarding the Quran. It has Arabic text as well as the English translation.

Don’t Be Sad
An absolute must-read for all people. It is full of practical advice on how to replace sadness with a pragmatic and ultimately satisfying Islamic outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world.

If electronic media greatly distracts you as it distracts me you can consider having the book on your bookshelf and assign a reading time for yourself. These are books are highly beneficial.

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