CEO Nik: People Turned to Faith Through Technology During Lockdown

by 30 March 20221 comment

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

CEO Nik: People Turned to Faith Through Technology During Lockdown

by Muslim Pro

There are more than 1.9 billion Muslims in the world — each of us diverse in our customs, language, traditions, and ways of life. Faith is the common thread binding us together, uniting our hearts and minds. Add technology to the mix, and you have a budding, faith-based ecosystem of tools, utilities, and lifestyle content encouraging Muslims to connect deeper with their spirituality. As a leader in the space, Bitsmedia is excited for what the future holds.
Developed initially with the primary purpose of providing accurate prayer times and other utility tools for the Muslim community – we saw a significant influx of daily active users for our Muslim Pro app during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic — many people turned to faith through technology to fill in the gaps created by restrictions and lockdowns. 120 million downloads later, Muslim Pro is the leading app which supports the Muslim lifestyle in over 190 countries anytime, and anywhere.

What started as a functional utility app is now on its way to becoming a full-fledged Muslim lifestyle brand that aims to enrich, empower, and excite Muslims around the world. I am proud to be a part of a digital movement that connects this amazing global community.

The future is bright and we have many exciting plans that I look forward to sharing with everyone soon!

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  1. Fardous

    Bacon for iftaar??
    Please make sure you check content before adding to your app.
    It is offensive to read an Iftar recipe that includes BACON as a main ingredient on a muslim app and during Ramadan.
    Ramadan Reconnect to almuharram?
    Hanan Badri ‘s Tartifltte for Iftaaar
    I trust you will correct this oversight.


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