CEO Fara's Message on International Women's Day

by Muslim Pro

It’s 2022 and women have made considerable progress across many spheres of life: business, politics, education, healthcare, and more. However, we have a long way to go.  According to the World Bank, nearly 2.4 billion women worldwide lack the same economic and legal rights as men. My heart goes out to all women who are still living under the thumb of oppression — we are not free until we are all free.

Closer to home, gender poses a considerable barrier for women in the workplace. My own journey in the tech space hasn’t been  smooth-sailing, which is why I’ve embraced the role of leader and strive to consciously create an equitable work environment. Our workforce at Muslim Pro consists of 48% women — individuals who are talented, creative, and passionate about making a difference. I am honoured to call them my colleagues. 

Despite the myriad challenges we face as women, I am deeply hopeful about the future. Young women are already breaking down barriers as we speak — and I could not be any prouder.


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