A Muslim's Guide to Living in the Moment

by Assia

I Feel Stuck In The Past

Many still feel guilty about past sins despite repenting. cant let go of people that used to be a part of their lives or accept that things change in ways we dont always get.

Some also wish they could go back and enjoy moments or think they’d have done things differently if they knew better, forgetting it was all written anyway.

I Feel Scared About The Future

We also have those who obsess over the uncertainty of what is coming up. Those who live in the fear of not being able to achieve their goals.

Those who are terrified of death and those who are too attached to this dunya to remember it is only a stop in the journey of the believer.

Allah Is Al-Qadir

Listen: there is so much beauty in not having control over and not knowing everything. Just let go of that pressure and remember that He is Al-Qadir, that nothing can go against His will when He decrees something.

Take the past as a gift that made you YOU, welcome the future as one step closer to meeting The One who forgave you, guided you and decided what was best for you from the second you were born to your last breath. The only thing left to do is being in the present moment and trusting Him.

Be In The Moment

living in the moment

Take a step back and think “what am I earning from the remaining in a past I already lived or overthinking a future I’m not sure I’ll experience?” … See what the answer is?

If not, let me tell you: nothing.

You cant change your past or predict your future, but you can surely seize the precious moments you are given now to become the best version of yourself. I mean, isn’t that what will give you both a beautiful past to cherish and a peaceful future you wont have to worry about anymore?

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