6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

by Ukht Husni

When I first took Islamic parenting classes, the teachers kept on repeating that we should instill love for our Prophet ﷺ in our children. Honestly, I didn’t know where to start. So naturally, I turned to books to help me out in this important task. ⁣

Alhamdulillah, we have so many resources now. All you need to do is Google and you’ll see a whole range of books written for our kids about the Prophet ﷺ. I have quite a few books and resources but the ones featured are the ones we really LOVE. ⁣

365 Prophet Muhammad image1 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit: Goodwordbooks

1) 365 days with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by Goodword is really a gem. The stories are very detailed and some do bring tears to the eyes. The stories are bite-sized so it doesn’t seem like a daunting task to get through the seerah with your children. You’ll learn a lot of things just by reading this book with your kids.

Im Learning My Hadisth image2 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit: Timas Publishing

2) I’m Learning my Hadith Series by Timas Publishing is another favorite of my kids. They request to be read the stories again and again, and we’ve had those books for years.⁣

prophets pond image 3 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit, Learning Roots

3) The Prophet’s ﷺ Pond by Learning Roots has to be on the list because there are not many children’s books that manage to bring tears to the eyes and fill your heart with longing of the Prophet ﷺ which this book does so well.

prophet described image 4 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit: Learning Roots

4) The Prophet ﷺ Described by Learning Roots follows the same style as The Prophet’sﷺ Pond. This book is great for children of all ages. The attractive illustrations are enough to keep the younger ones engaged. It also serves as a wonderful opportunity for them to learn body parts. The older ones can appreciate the detailed information of our beloved Prophet ﷺ. It is a wonderful resource as it also contains all the hadith that the verses refer to at the back of the book. ⁣

huwa muhammed image 5 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit: Salam Series

5) Huwa Muhammad ﷺ by Salam Series is a wonderful publication by local authors and what makes it unique is that it is bilingual (Arabic-English). It’s a perfect introduction to our Prophet ﷺ for our younger ones and makes great practice for our older ones learning Arabic too.

The Life of the Prophet Muhammad image 6 1 6 Books To Connect Your Children To Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Credit: Book Depository

6) The Life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by Leila Azzam & Aisha Gouverneur is also a great addition. I’m currently reading this book aloud to my children for bedtime. The book starts from the time even before Rasulullah ﷺ was born, during the time of Nabi Ibrahim and goes on to talk about the children of Ismail and their descendants of which was the Quraysh tribe. The book is easy to follow, divided into short chapters, and makes for a great read-aloud.

Hafeezah and Hanan Alsagoff are two sisters who go by the pen name Ukht Husni. Hafeezah graduated from National University of Singapore, where she majored in Sociology and Theatre studies, while Hanan has a master of Architecture from the same university. Both were English language secondary school teachers before they founded their own publishing company, Hommely Hammock, in 2014. The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island series recently won the Best Book Series 2021 award from US publishing company Daybreak Press. To date, they have published 10 books and created 2 card games.

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  14. Aquil Muslim

    How do I get these books , this is my first time commenting

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