Salaam, We Are Muslim Pro's Management Team!

by Muslim Pro
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The ‘Salaam…’ series introduces Muslim Pro team members to our more than 100 million strong audience. Get to know what we do, what we are like and how it is working for the number 1 Muslim app in the world!

What do you actually do in Muslim Pro?

We are involved in overseeing many facets of running Muslim Pro. It encapsulates commercial, marketing and communications, and community building for Muslim Pro, in addition to the task of finding the next big thing for Muslim Pro and bringing further value to our 110 million strong users. Currently, we are also working to position Muslim Pro as thought leader in Muslim Digital Space, through content and cutting edge features.

At the moment, the bulk of our scope is to launch an exciting new vertical, in our content space. Many new developments are coming up, and we are excited to value-add and bring this to our users!

What does it take to be part of the team?

The success we have gathered over the years is due to the sheer perseverance and diligence of members within the organisation. They work tirelessly to ensure the best product and the best user experience. That is how we have managed to pave the way and amass global success, over the years.

Resilience, adaptability, passion to serve the community, and the drive to continuously improve our product offerings are what it takes to be part of the team. Critical and strategic thinking is often needed to navigate through the competitive growing landscape of Muslim Digital Space. Every member of the team is also empowered to make decisions that is best for their department; ideas are encouraged and welcomed which breeds a culture that fosters open discussions, thus driving innovations. We strongly encourage you to check available positions to start a rewarding career journey with Muslim Pro.

What has been the most challenging moment while being on the job?

Simple — to cater to the diverse Muslim needs, perceptions and beliefs globally. We are available across 190 markets and a Muslim in Asia is very different from a Muslim in Africa or the US for that matter. We might share same values and religious beliefs but are influenced by different cultures. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Every strategy, initiative, product introduced, needs to cater to a large diverse group of Muslims. We need to be global, yet relevant locally.

At the same time, people are our best assets and as the company goes through a growth trajectory and multiplies in size, we need to ensure we drive everyone towards a common goal and vision.

The best part of the job?

Being able to impact millions of Muslim globally through the initiatives we have implemented. This provides the drive for us to do even more for the community. Since technology is entrenched in today’s world and we can’t avoid it, we at Muslim Pro help Muslims globally to embrace the practice, strengthening and learning of  faith through technology. Here, at Muslim Pro, we are able to integrate technology and faith seamlessly in our users’ lives.

“Every member of the team is also empowered to make decisions that is best for their department whereby ideas are encouraged and welcomed, which breeds a culture that fosters open discussions, thus driving innovations.”


Fara Abdullah,
Managing Director

An adjective fitting of the team. Why?

It has to be more than one! Diverse, passionate and empowered, just like our users.