Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Wondrous Life: A Timeline

by Hessy Trishandiani

Stories of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ have been told for generations and will continue to be retold for generations to come.

Birth and Young Prophet Muhammad 

570 CE | Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was Born

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was born in Makkah. His father, Abdullah, passed away before his birth.

575 CE | Became an Orphan

Prophet Muhammad’s  mother, Amina, passed away. He was raised under the care of his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, and his uncle, Abu Talib.

582 CE | Travelled to Syria

Travelled to Syria with his uncle, Abu Talib, and met a Monk who found signs that young Prophet Muhammad  would be a great prophet one day.

The Marriage

595 CE | Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Marriage

Khadijah, Prophet Muhammad’s  employer, proposed marriage. Prophet Muhammad  married Khadijah when he was 25 years old and Khadijah was nearly 40 years old.

The First Revelation

610 CE | Received the First Revelation

Prophet Muhammad  received the first revelation of the Quran in Cave of Hira.

an emarald heart shared pendant bookmark  on top of  The Quran

The Prophetic Journey

610-613 CE | Started to Preach

Prophet Muhammad  started to preach Islam privately for three years, then began to preach publicly in Makkah.

614 CE | Immigrated to Abyssinia

Prophet Muhammad  commanded Muslims to migrate to Abyssinia to escape persecution from pagans and idolatrous.

619 CE | Khadijah Passed Away

Prophet Muhammad   lost Khadijah and his uncle, Abu Talib.

The Migration

622 CE | Immigrated to Medina

Prophet Muhammad  and hundreds of followers left Makkah and travelled to Medina. It’s marked as the beginning of the Islamic calendar (Hijri).

624-627 CE | Fought Three Major Battles

Prophet Muhammad  fought against the Meccans: Badr, Uhud, and Khandaq.

630 CE | The Conquest of Makkah

Prophet Muhammad  led Muslims on a march to Makkah and were joined by tribe after tribe along the way. They entered and conquered Makkah without bloodshed and the Meccans were pardoned by him.

Makkah morked on a map with a red pin

632 CE | Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Passed Away

He performed a pilgrimage to Makkah one last time and then returned to Medina. Three months later, he passed away there after a brief illness. He is buried in the Nabawi mosque in Medina.

Indeed Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ wondrous life left a beautiful legacy for us to emulate. Let’s cultivate in our hearts our love for the Prophet ﷺ by recalling his noble attributes and honor him by putting his actions into practice in our lives. 

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