Commemorating the Life of Our Beloved Prophet

by Nurhuda A. Bakar
How well do we know the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? He who was sent to all of humanity as the final messenger of Allah, has impacted the billions of lives throughout his lifetime. And even today, centuries after his passing, his name still rings on this earth through the lips of Muslims all over the world. We will be observing Rabi al-Awwal soon and it would be apt to dedicate the months of October and November to commemorating the life our beloved Prophet ﷺ. As we look at his journey and the legacy he has left behind, one of the most impressive gifts is the Quran — the words of Allah that were revealed and guided through the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. We feed our souls with these words every time we cradle a mushaf, listen to a verse through our phones or repeat these words through dhikir. Beyond that, the Prophet ﷺ also left us his beautiful spirit. The way he lived, the way he cared for others, the matters he fervently advocated — everything he stood for has withstood the test of time. Hence in our bimonthly theme of Prophet’s Journey, we will not only uncover questions about the Quran and hadith, but we will look into the impact he has made, the women who strived in that path, and the habits he practised. If only we could take a leaf out of his book, even a tiny bit, how do we imagine it would change our life? As we ponder that, we are pleased to be able to provide another platform for friends of Muslim Pro to join us in learning more about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. CONNECT.MUSLIMPRO is a website that we’ve just launched and you’ll be able to find the latest content from us through this platform, curated specially into five categories: SOUL, IDENTITY, LIFESTYLE, CONVERSATIONS and DID YOU KNOW. Connect with us by leaving your best reactions at the end of each article or by submitting your best content piece — we’d love to hear from you! You can also find us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. May this month bring you the blessings of Allah and his beloved Prophet ﷺ, insyaAllah.