5 Social Media Accounts to Educate Yourself on Afghanistan Crisis

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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

5 Social Media Accounts to Educate Yourself on Afghanistan Crisis

We have witnessed so much pain and heartache of the Afghan people since the Taliban is back in power, in August 2021. In recent years, there has been a dynamic burgeoning of Afghan people using social media to either spotlight certain pressing issues such as human rights, or just to share a positive facet to life in this war torn country of more than 38 million.

With more than half a billion active global users daily, Instagram (IG) remains as one of the most effective and impactful tools of communication. No doubt social media, specifically IG, has and will continue to play a pivotal role in providing a better understanding of the constantly shifting realities on the ground. Not just airing grievances, but also as an outlet to share small doses of daily happiness. Besides consuming news on mainstream media, IG provides a more balanced outlook, that is not necessarily reported worldwide.


With more than 200,000 followers, Sadiqa is someone you would be able to relate to without having met her. Sadiqa stopped posting momentarily when the Taliban was back in Kabul. Just like any other influencers, in fear of Taliban’s clampdown and retaliation. However, her followers have been delighted by her recent active postings. A former contestant on a singing competition, Sadiqa focuses on her daily life which includes inspirations and even debunking misconceptions about Islam and the ummah.


Based overseas, Nooria has been actively highlighting human rights violations and pressing humanitarian needs to more than 16,000 followers. Her online and social activism is a clear indication that being part of the global ummah, we are accountable to never forget about the ongoing misfortunes of the Afghan people. Moreover, we do not necessarily need to have familial relations or visit a war torn country, such as Afghanistan, in order to be socially conscious and contribute to alleviating the suffering of others.


Beautiful photos. Painful nostalgia is one of the main things beautifully captured and conveyed by @emproophotos. Now, facing new challenges as an asylum seeker abroad, his account showcases the myriad beauty of his country and the diverse cultures which debunk the monolith perception of any outsider. Having visited more than 20 provinces, his posts will leave us wanting more. Take the time to visit his post of 16 September 2021, where he reflected upon the struggles of having to leave his beloved country together with dashed hopes of becoming a journalist and visiting every corner of the vast Afghan land.


Yes, there are endless problems around the world. Whether fairly or otherwise, heaps of criticisms have been dumped on the United Nations (UN) for its slow processes that are rooted in diplomacy and consensus with the underlying tensions between nations of the Security Council with veto power. Nevertheless, this subsidiary account of the UN — the United Nations Human Rights Office — never lets us forget of the humanitarian crises plaguing the world. As part of the global ummah, this macro overview helps to build on our understanding of what is happening around the world and reasons why aid, in whatever form, remains vital.


The International Rescue Committee provides aid to people caught in conflict zones and has been in Afghanistan for more than three decades. Such wealth of experience is critical in identifying and channelling suitable solutions to tackle issues ranging from economic, health, education to empowerment of women and girls. A post on 13 September 2021 tracks the trials and tribulations of a young Afghan teenager, Ali, who soon would be reunited with his brother in Cologne, Germany.

Even though, we are inundated with continuously updated media feeds, in addition to the Afghan people and international agencies still posting on social media to highlight the Afghanistan crisis, dangers still persist. There remain unspoken rules and self-censorship, especially for those residing in Afghanistan still, for fear of repercussions that could very well be the choice between life and death. Not only for individual self, but their families too.

As part of the global ummah, you and I have a responsibility to do our part in not just educating ourselves of these decades-long conflicts, but also finding ways, big and small, to contribute in alleviating the suffering of others. We can continue scrolling through IG, or even check out #DoNotTouchMyClothes IG feed/posts to click the ‘like’ button to show our support of advancing women’s agency through bright coloured traditional clothing, for instance.

However, we can and should do more. Let’s pair our prayers with ever-growing awareness and actions, such as donating resources to organisations of our choice. Check out Muslim Pro’s support towards United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) Afghanistan Emergency fund and donate today, or even just sharing this post/article with our family and friends.

Since you have made this far, do not forget to also follow @muslimproofficial (Muslim Pro) and @unicefafghanistan on IG, to join the collective effort in helping the global ummah advance.

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